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The Worst Person

Next time you meet an atheist . . .



He got that right.

I think if there was an all powerful deity that sent Bill O'Reilly on this planet to be the face of FOX News, it would be to test our integrity, not confirm that of Bill-O.

Palin's read all these media sources - whatever's available to her, watched debates since she was 7, been an executive on so many levels, and she;s still mediocre at best on public policy of any kind. The 4th college should be somewhat ashamed that she slipped through the cracks.

O'reilly is a 'success' and this proves the existence of god! It's so simple! If only he was born a few thousand years earlier, we would've avoided all those centuries of debating the issue! whew! At least we all know now, and can bend our knees in worship to him... sure. This guy's got the biggest head on the planet, too bad there's nothing up there.

Bill-O is making a believer out of me, I guess. Every time I hear from the pompous asshole, I can't help but exclaim, JESUS CHRIST! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

Dear (God/Allah/Buddha/other entity of your choice), we ask you to afflict Bill O'Reilly with a brain aneurysm that will lead to his slow and painful death. O, Lord, may his blood vessels bulge out of his head and explode without mercy. May he writhe in agony on his office floor at Fox studios right after taping The O'Reilly Factor. O, God, may he reach for the phone to call 911 and accidentally dial 411. May he desperately gasp for breath and recall all the people he shouted down with no mercy. May he lay on the floor and twitch uncontrollably as he contemplates his worthless life. O, Lord, may he lose control of his bowels in those final moments so that the last and only warm feeling he ever experiences is his own shit. We ask this in all sincerity and humbleness, Amen.


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