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The Sunday Funnies

And this week's winner is?

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This Week w/George Stephanopoulos




SNL was so unfunny. The impression was just cringe-worthy. They really need to find someone who can actually act to impersonate Obama.

Yeah that Obama impersonation is just horrible to watch! If Obama gets elected they need to pull out all the stops and find someone who can actually impersonate Obama, and at the same time find some way to actually make the impersonation at least slightly funny.

"Or if you're paid in currency" - Colbert

Don't be too hard on SNL. An Obama administration will be horrible for comedians. They tried to make fun of Congress last week and strained themselves so hard that they claimed that two actual real people should be shot. This guy is probably the best Obama impersonation I've seen and it's not good. Leno has this guy who's terrible at Obama. This will be the least funny president since the 60s.

Are the Sunday funnies just supposed to be not funny? Can't have too much laughter on the sabbath or somethin'? There must be an excerpt from the week that was truly funny. Maybe Stephanopoulos thinks everything is funny.

probably the best Obama impersonator out right now.

(not very funny, but good impersonation)

I would probably say McCain and his apparent sleepwalking for the win.

I got a kick out of all of them.


You're right. That guy does an very good impersonation. Cleary the best one I've seen. The guy on SNL isn't anywhere near as good as that guy on the Youtube post that you linked to.

They just cut the funny parts. Conan is doing a running joke on McCain, where he shows the video shown here, but that's actually just the setup. The joke is that then Conan goes on with the monologue and "McCain" appears wandering in front of the camera.


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