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That One

Can you imagine the reaction from the right-wing if Barack had referred to Senator McCain as 'that one.'

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And this moment will flush what's left of McCain's "honor". This is his sighing-moment, his "You are no JFK"-Moment, his looking-at-his-watch- and "there you go again"-moment. Because evil little things like that will get stuck even in the numbest of undecided voters' minds.

Bye, bye, Johnny. And the best thing is: You could have won this. You brought this on yourself by being the small man you are.

A presidential candidate: "that one".

A Young African-American man: "you probably hadn't even heard of (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) before this".

With John McCain's history of crashes, we can expect 3 more of such statements.

The instant McCain said "that one", I had this look and thought of, what did he just say? I almost immediately thought it was semi-racist. I couldn't believe he would say something like that. Then I thought about all the attack ads that McCain is running and quickly realized that it is part of the pattern from McCain.

I also really disliked the way McCain seemed to be talking down to some of the audience members, especially the young, black man, and to the American audience. Instead of discussing the issues at hand, McCain would talk about something a little different or he would attack Obama (not to say Obama didn't do this either, but it wasn't to the extent of McCain). It's like McCain thought the American people weren't smart enough to understand the intricacies of the issues. He just really seems out of touch.

When I ask myself who is more likely to relate to issues that are or will affect my generation, its not "that one" it's Barack Obama.

That's not even something you'd say when you're having an argument with your kid sister.

I wondered if anyone else would notice this. Because of the lack of reaction, I considered that maybe I was making too much out of it, but it certainly seemed disrespectful to me.

That said; I don't believe it was racially motivated. I think he's in a corner and he's fighting back in the only way he's capable. It's certainly not the way I would expect a President to act.

I agree - I didn't take it as race at all - I'm not even sure it was purposely disrespectful - I think he was trying to engage the audience in a one-on-one manner; kind of you and me and you know what that guy over there did? or something like that.... Whatever - did not fly.

Reminds me - when he made the joke about he might need hair plugs - painful to watch....

Disrespectful? Yes. Racist? No.

As for the talking down crap, he's right, most Americans had no idea what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were before this happened, and if you ask most of them today, they still couldn't tell you what they are.

Obama's (a Mu)slim?

Beaten by a...

I second Syngas's opinion on "that one": by itself it is nothing more than an Irishism, but, a little way back history--beneath the underdogs, the noble savages, even below those most valuable of human properties, "the darkies"), were, the lowest of the low, to wit the Irish... Our Brilliant Civil War (OBCW) changed all that, the Irish saw their chance, and took it. Even now, the Irish can look down on one, and ONLY one, that one [group of people]. Among those who have been here long enough to matter that much, to put down deep roots:

"that one".

Around Cornville it would be said with a laugh, that--John McCain was, the first presidential candidate in history, so disliked, so disrespected, such a complete and total wash-out, that he was beat [sic] by a ["n-word"].

Then where is he?

He is back where the Irish were in the antebellum South, before OBCW. Behind his public mask, I fear, McCain is firmly embedded in his milieu, that one, that Verde Valley one ("Verde" rhymes with "purty": and it, take it from me, in this respect, it ain't purty). That so racist it can't imagine non-racism one.

Overall though, he may be not so much "I"rish, as "Me"rish, he may only be infected with the same disease as Hillary Clinton was, he thinks it's his turn. He cannot imagine losing.

Fat chance.

Bob Barr 08.

At first I thought he said "that guy" because it just couldn't be so that he said "that one." Then they showed Michelle Obama at the end and she looked positively relaxed and confident, as if she just called the movers to start heading for the White House. Did she recognize that McCain just toasted himself?

I think some times candidates get a lingo going on the campaign bus/plane about the opponent. It can be something that perpetuates itself in privacy, because saying the name can get old, or maybe there's a more nefarious side to the joke. Sadly, the candidate who practices this risks the verbiage coming out in public. Only then - and sometimes not even then - does the politico realize how BAD this sounds.

Anyway - thanks John - you probably brought a few undecideds over to O's side with your unpresidential behavior. How will you spend the remainder of your post-mav years anyway?

It had to happen, but this was fast:


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