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That didn't take long.



OMG... an ad about issues?

Certainly McCain once met someone that people might find radical, can't we see that in an ad?

Good ad. But somewhat strange music...

That's the second ad they've done about health care, isn't it? Didn't they pull one from the VP debates? I know Obama said in the debate it was the number one question (I know it is for Norm) so they are focusing on it or it must be the one they think they dominate in...

Health care, just one more thing that conservatives have been dead wrong about from the beginning. Our system is all about the insurance companies who don't give one bit of health care. A child can see that this is an insane method of providing for health care needs. It is just a speculative agency betting that you won't get sick. Instead of pissing money away to insurance companies we could be giving it directly to doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc. How much health care can you buy with $5,000 these days? When did we relinquish our collective common sense?

When did we relinquish our collective common sense?
I'd peg it to around 1980.

Wow, some substance. Is this still the U.S. presidential election?

"Giveth" "Taketh"

The subtext: He is a religious man.

Swing religious voters just got a good tingly feeling.

This is a brilliant ad.

Oh, and the overt message on health care and taxes rocks too...

I approve of this message too.

Less than 4 weeks!

I think this is perfect on so many levels.

1) it's totally and frighteningly true and verifiable. This needs to be said and repeated - to swing voters and those on those on the other side of the fence who may not know this aspect of the "plan."

2) While McCain and Palin are flailing around with false accusation and smear campaigns, Obama is taking the high road and talking about issues that really matter and presenting the facts. (not that he hasn't stretched the truth in other areas... But in this particular instance I think it is a truthful and timely add.)

Awesome ad, and really straightforward. The Obama people saw how well this played in the debate, and they thought they'd make the easiest campaign ad ever.

I'm also glad that McCain's plan is being exposed as a plan which lead to the end of the employer-provided system as we know it.

The thing about health care is that Americans are not territfied of "socialized medicine" specifically. They're worried about having to change something they like for something else. That's what doomed the Clinton reforms proposed in the 90s. That's also exactly what McCain's plan will end up doing for most people who have a plan they like from their employer.


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