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Pres. Bush Endorses McCain - Palin



That was really funny/

I watch Tina Fey and think, "boy, that's a bad Sarah Palin impression. there's probably a woman in every town in america who looks like and can imitate Palin better than fey."

hammond's McCain is dead on.

ferrell's just hilarious.

When she crossed her fingers and said "16 years" I had to laugh. Great delivery.

I knew Tina Fey had fine legs.

I think Fey's pretty awesome at Palin. Palin's shtick is such a charaicature in itself, though, that it may not seem that hard to do.

The part when Palin and Bush described their personas was pretty dead-on.

H.S. bitch indeed: the popular girl that people would suck up to, no matter how many times shed sell them up the river without a paddle.

Oh, well, Palin has helped SNL find an audience again. The recent skits have me laughing again.

Thanks of posting it Norm.


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