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Palin's Greatest Hits



Here's a "great" clip that was sent to me today - ouch!

Wharts and all.

Now I don't feel so bad about my contribution to that particular, uh, (lack of, seemingly) competition. 1984, was it. Believe me, the standards were not very high in Wasilla (accent the first syllable, please, but also accent the last syllable in "Simi").

Wasilla, "Warshington," Wall Street.

Wart's the difference?

"Adding comments has been disabled for this [that] video."

As a [person with the most remarkable ear since, well... that would have to have been been...Pythagoras of Samos] I must say, that, she seems MUCH more gifted as a piper (pipette?), than as a....



come on, she is not a good candidate we need to move on. we are embarrasing ourselves.... please please never post of video of me from when i was that age..... please.....

the bailout passed the senate...... has anyone read the thing.

THANK YOU K, for keeping your eye on the prize.

I thought I was the only one left.

Oh get over the stupid bail out. we will get all our money back when they Nationalize the banking system next year.

Congressman Brad Sherman from California's San fernando Valley has read it (or at least his staff has.) Their comment and analysis are here:

Thanks for posting this Norm, bringing all these excerpts together shows us how nonsensical Mrs. Palin is!

I know the comment on Putin flying over Alaska is not the most recent one, but don't Moscow-Washington flights go over the Atlantic ? I think this way is shorter, given that Moscow is less than 12 time zones ahead of us (8 actually), but maybe a pilot could correct me if I'm wrong, thanks.

This is not is damn scary! I remember Obama making a remark in the past year that Americans are not stupid. With all due respect Mr. Obama, how can you say Americans are not stupid when GW Bush was put into the office of President not once but twice!??? How can you say they are not stupid when this Sarah Palin person is made the VP running mate!??? I will respect my fellow country men and women if McCain-Palin ticket is defeated. I'm no big Obama fan but let us hope we choose Obama-Biden as the lesser (evil) of the 4 candidates. I'd write in Ron Paul but I don't want to give McCain-Palin a chance by throwing away my vote.

"come on, she is not a good candidate we need to move on. we are embarrasing ourselves.... please please never post of video of me from when i was that age."


Around 40 years of age,on average, one's neo-cortex (the human neo-cortex, of Dragons of Eden, Sagacious Sagan fame) is at its most, best, zenith, max, peak, some of the more imaginative, mathematico-einstein aspects of "all those new, original, ideas" some people have are already a decade over the summit. She is going to be worse with age, maybe she had a great bolshy tolchock to the gulliver when she was a sprout, who knows? Though she might have the smooth, unwrinkled face of a psychopath, she ain't exactly a spring chicken chronologically. On the contrary, she is a very Unchristian, autumnal, Nerovian, if not Roguette/Caligulan figure. And pussy-whipped McCain is getting more like HER, not vice versa.

These are the last days, my friend, not of the world, but of the Fourth Reich, the Emporoer has just appointed a horse to the senate, and the horse has appointed his Ass to be the next emporer.

Hail Caesarette!

Oh, you mean the flautulant talent-convention flout?

I thought ya meant....all-the-rest.


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