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More Palin from Saturday Night Live

I think this 'wraps' it all up. Sarah shoots a mother humpin moose eight days of the week.



I see a future for Palin on SNL. She just may have something to do in November after all.

Of course I'm a sexist pig for saying this, but she's frickin' hot for a right-wing Jesus freak wacko.

I'd never vote for her, but if I bumped into her at a bar, I'd make a play.

By all the means, make the play. Just double-bag it- this lady is very fertile, and very pro-life. More retard spawn is the last thing America needs.

Also: who wants to join me in sending a DVD of this bit to all the seniors here in Florida? (The "he's an Arab" crowd ain't so keen on the "black music" either).

And, has anyone seen Stone's "W" yet? Is it as funny as the trailer makes it look? Stone can be awesome (Nixon), or he can be terrible (Natural Born Killers), so I'm waiting for the word-of-mouth before throwing down $20 here. If I were a true American, I'd go either way, and put the tickets on my VISA, but gosh-darn it, I think debt is a scam. You betcha I do!


For some reason I've never understood why people think Palin is "hot". She doesn't seem attractive to me. She makes me think of a kindergarten teacher or something. Neutral.

So she can remember a few lines after a week of rehearsal but she's still too dumb to name a couple magazines or newspapers off the top of her head.

Sad thing is she makes Bush look better. Sure Bush doesn't read newspapers but he was honest enough to admit it.

Why on earth didn't they have Tina Fey do this one?

That was pretty funny. Amy Pohler shot the moose all wannabe ganster style. Hilarious!

Mat, I have to agree with you. Good looking in politics usually means people like Obama who are above average and in shape. Palin is absolutely stunning. Not her fault, but too much so for doing serious things. The guys in the Armani ads aren't going to be CEOs either.

I wish she would have come in and done something more in Weekend Update. She was a sportscaster for heavens' sakes.

Look at those fists!! It's a little hard to look 'with it' when she has embedded her nails into her palms.

I don't think she's ever had to laugh at her own politics before. This was painful. Kinda. :P

I give the woman credit for being a good sport and laughing along with it. Its one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

SNL also had McCain dressed up as a hippie and singing on an earlier show. They do have a sense of humour, just not a good campaign.


Damn, that white pregnant lady can rap?! I think Palin should have said more. I guess she prefers to says as little as possible. But Hillary was funnier, and showed more humor when she was on. Both are obvious publicity stunts, but hers was funnier. Btw. have Obama or McCain been on SNL? Why do the ladies feel they need to "be a good sport", but not the men?


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