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Michael Moore - Larry King




I missed this. He is so right.


Moore's right: the GOP is smart about winning elections. The commentary at the end is classic in how conservatives can twist a progressive ideal and fire it right back at Democrats. sigh

The biggest thing is that the GOP is very organized, and the Democratic party is NOT. Obama's campaign has done well in large part due to its organization. This is something Dems need to learn if we plan on forwarding a liberal agenda in a BHO presidency.

Moore also said would you trust the country with someone you've known for only 7 weeks? Welps, the Anchorage Daily News has known Palin for a few years, and they endorsed Obama yesterday. The Chicago Tribune did as well; yes, Obama's their home boy, but this is the 1st time the Trib has endorsed a Dem.

Go O!!

I think it's funny that the supposed "left-leaning media" has to bring on three right-wing morons to pick apart and refute the comments of one left-wing filmmaker.

Who are these people anyway? Except for the Inspector Clouseau look-alike, the other two are the typical republican righties: "Mr. Whitey McWindbag" (aka Rush Limbaugh clone) and the frigid yet attractive (but surprisingly anti-feminist) Ann Coulter clone. WTF?

Enough with these people! I'm not really a Michael Moore fan, though I do enjoy his films. But seriously, how relevant to society are these other three people? Why are they given any air time at all?

I'm confused on Michael's answer on 17:55. Doesn't the President have the final say on when a war is over? I thought Congress only had say on the Declaration of War and the Funding of it. Perhaps I need to brush up on my Social Studies again.


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