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The minute the Biden / Palin debate is over... I am donating AGAIN to Obama's campaign.

McCain reminds me of the episode when Bart wrote the comic about Homer called Angry Dad. Homer tried to change the TV channel by squeezing his ice cream sandwich like a remote control and it blew up on him. Do you think McCain has ever tried that?

My goodness, is that a Starbucks cup? McCain must be one of those latte drinking liberals.

Oh goodie! Another elected leader who openly jokes about aspiring to be a dictator:

Also: did anyone catch when McCain laughed at himself while explaining that Palin's experience as a member of the PTA qualified her to be President?

While I don't doubt the existence of McCain's anger issues and his use of inappropriate humor (especially, and bizarrely, directed at his wife), I don't see any problem with any of his attitude here. Olbermann is fishing, and McCain is doing a good job of keeping that problem out of the spotlight, for now.


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