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McCain's Negative Campaign

Ode to Sean Hannity

by John Cleese

Aping urbanity 
Oozing with vanity 
Plump as a manatee 
Faking humanity 
Journalistic calamity 
Intellectual inanity 
Fox Noise insanity 
You’re a profanity 



First note that Sarah Palin will only give an interview to FOX news with Daddy McCain holding her widdle hand.

Sarah Palin asks:

Makes me question about who he would associate himself with in the future.

In other words, Obama will associate himself with terrorists. The Republicans excel at class warfare. And note that Sarah Palin doesn't even wince at the notion that we don't know much about her and the extremist witch-doctors who speak in tongues who she palls around with.

Hell, even Hillary Clinton attempted to tar Obama with this Ayers bullshit even though she and her husband also had ties to this "terrorist", aka an extremist left-wing Vietnam protester.

And now they're hunting for any contributors to Obama's campaign who are Arabs.

Like Chris Matthews says, it's easy to connect the dots. There are those who want everyone to believe that Barack Hussein Obama is some kind of radical Muslim Arab terrorist who consorts with left-wing radicals terrorists who are plotting to bomb the Pentagon and the White House just as the radical Islamists did on 9/11. There is nothing at all subtle about these accusations.

Meanwhile, there are those on the left who proclaim that Obama is not at all on the left.

As usual, Obama is either too far to the right or too far to the left. He's either too Black or too White.

But one thing that some of those on the left and some of those on the right have in common.. they hate Barack Obama.... Get him! He's a terrorist! Kill him!

Again, Chris Matthews is right. They're stirring up the crowd.

And then Pat Buchanan goes on to explain that we have to "look at the friends that he associates with", implying that Obama and Ayers are "good friends". And then he refers to Obama as a "left-wing organizer"... As if there is something horribly wrong with being on the left and as if there is something horribly wrong with being a community organizer.

Pat Buchanan and John McCain, and Cindy McCain, and Sarah Palin want to start a cultural war and they are upset that the "Dow Jones" is getting in the way of their dirty-tricks strategy.

Then Buchanan repeats the lie that Ayers said "on 9/11 should have more bombs"..

Ayer's words have been taken out of context.

This is what he meant and said

Ayers said:

My memoir is from start to finish a condemnation of terrorism, of the indiscriminate murder of human beings, whether driven by fanaticism or official policy.

I never said I had any love for explosives, and anyone who knows me found that headline sensationalistic nonsense. I said I had a thousand regrets, but no regrets for opposing the war with every ounce of my strength.

All that we witnessed September 11--the awful carnage and pain, the heroism of ordinary people--may drive us mad with grief and anger, or it may open us to hope in new ways. Perhaps precisely because we have suffered we can embrace the suffering of others...

The lessons of the anti-war movements of the 1960s and 70s may be more urgent now than ever.

Thank you very much for this letter! I had no idea what people were talking about. And the talk seems to be accelerating....

Hi Jill,

You're welcome. Obama should be standing up for this guy, but he doesn't dare do that because those who radically opposed the Vietnam war are today viewed as traitors.

This is what they were talking about.

Wow - Ayers sounds like a smirking idiot, trying to sound more interesting than he is (trying to sell some books, perhaps?) and it sounds like the quotes in the interview weren't taken quite as out of context as he would like others to believe with his fairly eloquent letter (although there was at least one example where he obviously was.) What they did sounds stupid and insane (his wife's comment on the Manson murders are horrendous - even as a joke) but - I don't get what any of this has to do with Obama and there was nothing in this that was condoning 9/11.

They are obviously not in the Weathermen anymore - they're a long-time married couple raising kids and taking care of their parents - and this is the person Obama is dealing with. I don't get it - is Obama supposed to have vetted everyone he met in his life and say you aren't good enough to work on a non-profit with me? Ayers doesn't have any say in Obama's life or campaign. I wonder if it would've made a difference to the right if Ayers had found redemption through Jesus Christ.

What a bogus, absurd charge that we even have to pay attention to. Talk about bad judgment - Palin and McCain's bringing this up as something worthy of attention in the midst of our problems is extreme bad judgment.

And again, Pat Buchanan uses the word "liberal" as though it is a dirty word. It's about time that Liberals get a spine and refuse to accept that being "liberal" is something that is evil instead of the notion that being liberal is being progressive and a member of the 21st century of enlightenment.

Yes, it's time for the Scarlet letter shirts: ones with a big scarlet "L" (liberal and a big scarlet "E" (elite). Wear them proudly, do the right thing, and bring these words back to their respectful meanings.

Yes, because printed tees command such respect!

Ha ha. I'm thinking the novel, where Prynne herself commanded the respect and changed the meaning of the "S."

It's been a couple decades since I read that one. The 'S' was for slut right?

Wasn't it an "A"?

Don't you correct us. Damned elitist!

Yes I am - it's even one of my favorite books of all time...

But, nothing compared to the Demi Moore movie. I just wish Britney had been around to star in it.

Yes, an "A" - so I'm holding down that there caps key and hit S instead of A.


me type bad

I agree. I consider myself a liberal and I also say I'm a feminist - another word that people have tried to make negative (although, now that the uber Republican Palin has used it, I guess it's all right.)

Robert Reich also used to talk about taking the word liberal back. But a lot of people rather go by progressive.

And kudos to Chris Matthews for calling them out on this radical mud slinging.

Typical Republican fear mongering bullshit.


They're sayin' he's out of the mainstream... It is perfectly legitimate in my judgement, but the American people are going to judge whether Buchanan's right or Chris is right..

Alas, yes, the American people will be the final arbiters, alas..

Chris Matthews:

or (angs around) with ministers who are angry at the country.

Thank you Chris Matthews for putting this into perspective.


Hangs around with an afro racist

And he says this about an man who does all that he can to not get into cultural wars, although that is not easy condsidering that he hails from the African American community... And being an African American just might lead one to feel not all that proud considering how much the everyday African American has had to deal with.

Smerconish is not a leftist and yet he gets it, and that's encouraging. Smerconish says:

Senator Obama, my interpretation of the use of your middle name ... and by the way think of this Chris... when was the last time that someone made reference to John Sidney McCain..

They don't want Americans focused on the economy, they want them focused on these kind of issues..

Then I would say to my good friend Pat that not only do I think it's unfair to focus on those issues because they're just not accurate, the man's not a radical Muslim and he's not a Manchurian candidate, but it's dumb politics..

I hope that Smerconish is right in that the swing voters will be repulsed by these references and that the McCain campaign needs to "reign in these nuckleheads".

And as Matthews said:

It's the de-Americanization of these guys..

speaking of the Democratic candidates, Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, and now Obama.. but even more Obama because he's a Black man.

There is indeed a de-Americanizing of every Democratic candidate. And even Hillary Clinton participated in this and that (in addition to her vote to attack Iraq) is what most disappointed me about her behavior in the primary.

Anyway, the latest Gallup poll

The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking report shows Barack Obama maintaining a 52% to 41% lead over John McCain, unchanged from Wednesday's report.

Taking into account the "Bradley effect" Obama is still ahead. If Smerconish is correct, Obama will be the 44th president of the United States.

I think it was a pretty good conversation. Look it's kind of sleazy what McCain is doing, but Buchanan is right, what they're talking about is at least based in fact: let the voters decide whether they care about that stuff. As far as race-baiting goes, I don't really see it. I think some liberals were waiting for a big negative push and were primed to react really angrily to the Willie Horton type attack. The AP called Sarah Palin's sleazy reference to Ayers racist but I didn't hear that. All I heard was an amazing load of chutzpah from someone with clear, strong links to the Alaska Seccessionist movement.

Hussein is Obama's middle name! Yes the intent is clearly bad. But the objective truth of it does diminish the offense to some extent. Lord knows I said "George Felix Allen" a lot when I was hoping for Webb to beat him here in VA.

If anything this is the boy who cried wolf. This is 4th election since they started by associating Max Cleland with Osama bin Ladin. The voters aren't falling for that crap anymore.

Hmmm...Not sure about that.

What Chris Matthews is saying is also true - that these people are uninformed and are being egged on.

If top Republicans are unabashedly presenting a slanted case and the media doesn't take them to task for it, people are going to believe it. This is a race for the highest position in the country and if no one is stopping them - people will assume they are telling the truth. If they are calling Ayers a terrorist (a term not even used during that time - he was called a radical then so that immediately gives it a modern context), acting like he was calling for more bombing on 9/11, accentuating the Hussein in the same breath and saying he isn't an American like the rest of us....this is pretty shaky ground for a presidential candidate to be doing without some pretty strong negative reactions from the sane people.

I hate to go to the extreme example but, by the same standard shouldn't Hitler's rhetoric be decided by the people but --- as a society, don't we think the educated, the moral, the strong and the sane should be calling an end to it.

I don't know about Buchanan's argument...

Yes, the fact that McCain and Palin are sitting there while people are shouting out these vile things is reprehensible. It's telling that at least I saw McCain wince when a guy yelled "terrorist", but you can see Palin eating it up. This kind of unhinged neo-nazi rhetoric is her bread and butter among Alaska secessionists.

But I don't agree that the topic of Ayers is off-limits according to the rules of the game. The attack may be misguided, wrong, sleazy--and McCain-Palin have to take responsibility for their supporters' reaction to it--but Matthews is saying we should call foul on people mentioning Obama's middle name. To which I say: politics ain't beanbag. You can't ridicule opponents anymore? We're getting too sensitive if we're requiring all candidates to adjust their rhetoric to suit the ignorance of the American people. It's like this hyper-sensitive "factchecking" which ends up offering not a factcheck, but a rebuttal which the opposing campaign, not the media, should be making.

"His middle name is Sidney."

Even worse: John Sidney McCain III. He and Lady de Rothschild are going to stand up to elitists like Obama and Biden. If we had two fun candidates like Biden and Jon Tester or something the Dems would be using the full name a lot more, plus a lot of other fun gags. But we've got this responsible cool, smooth operator who will probably be a good president but won't stoop to telegraphing canned one-liners in debates and on the stump.

You're right - ridicule has not been used effectively enough by the left. It's been so tense, of course, with the inmates running the asylum but, maybe now that it looks like it might just happen - people can start lightening up a little. I hate that Palin is going on SNL because she will seem like a much better sport than you know she is ("I listen with the sound off") - they will make her look good and she doesn't deserve that.

I don't know what Tester is like - I think I only saw him once talking about his family farm or something...

"If Smerconish is correct, Obama will be the 44th president of the United States."

Wow, when did you come around Joann? I guess I haven't been around OGM much.

Palin's rhetoric makes me question (that much more) just what kind of Christianity she practices.

McCain and Palin are on the ropes, slugging wildly and hoping they land a left (or right) hook in the right place.

Thanks for the letter/book excerpt JoAnn. Hopefully that'll get put out to more of the intelligent undecideds. Hopefully McCain and Palin just self-destruct with this bullshit.

The subject of this piece confirms John Oliver's "stupid" vote.

Has anyone else seen the Strongsville, OH video?

Ah; I see that this video has its own spot in the Forum (McCain/Palin Mob). I haven't registered for that one just yet.

Hey gypsy do me a favor. Go to the forum and try posting a comment to one of the posts. If you succeed at that then try to do a post of your own. Just give it a title and write anything at all. I'm trying to see if I can give typekey users the proper permissions to use the forum.

Palin's rhetoric makes me question (that much more) just what kind of Christianity she practices.

Assembly of God christianity. This is the same christianity that Gave us "Jesus Camp", where they teach kids under 10 year olds that they are "warriors" fighting in a war for salvation, willing to give their lives for their cause.

This is also the christianity that I've heard Several members of this church saying "the second Civil war is coming soon". They feel that this has become such an "unchristian nation" that they will soon have to take up weapons and fight the "secularists and satanists" so that they can worship god.

This might not be Every Assembly of God church (they each decide what to preach in their church, there is no real centralized leader dictating docterine), but out of the 3 or 4 encounters i've had with this church, they teach nothing of Christ.

John McCain must be Australian!

Would it take much to change the Hannity poem to fit Chris Matthews? Are there any news shows that actually have news reporting or are they all like this one: a group of assholes giving their worthless opinions. Hell, we have enough opinions in this comments sections with the difference being is that I respect most of what I read here. Pat Buchanan? I thought he was dead. My bad.

"Alas, yes, the American people will be the final arbiters, alas.."

As a foreigner can you enlighten me as to the authenticity of this sample of the American people?

Mom! Yer on the TeeVee!

No, that there is Tim's family ;)

Whoa - Tim - if that were true, we'd have something in common. I could easily substitute some kin into that video.


When our toothless voters get drunk, this is what happens. It's why we close bars and liquor stores while the polls are open in many states.

It had more to do with the fact that the polls used to be AT the bar, and the fights that might break out between politics and drinking at the bar.

Even Utah is going to open its Liquor stores soon on election day because we don't have our polls at bars anymore.

Hmm, I always heard it was because in the olden days ward bosses would pass out booze to bums to buy their votes.

your story seems possible too.

I think it was both, actually.

This would be a more authentic representation of the American electorate.

huh, i don't get it?

huh, i don't get it? cause we did not understand the question. syngas are you a secret canadian?

nah, pasted the wrong link. see below

I've been to Vancouver once though. Nice place.

I appreciate Chris's sentiments but his show is really going downhill. He can't have any semblance of calm conversation and he doesn't let his guests talk and finish their sentences. Someone needs to bitch-slap this fool. I thought the whole point was to NOT stoop to the level of Fox Noise.

McCain is the Australian Manchurian candidate.

It's true.

His middle name is Sidney.

Dirty Ausie bastards...

Cleese just needs the backing of DJ Shadow and DJ Quest and he's in business...

"Holy Calamity Scream insanity All you ever gonna be's another great fanna me"

big surprise; there are Obama-bots just as there are Hil-bots and Palin-bots. Noone seems that gaga for McCain.

The question to answer - possibly - is what percentage of supporters for candidates have a clue about their candidate?

It is sad. I get they might not question the interviewer on the policy since they ARE being interviewed, maybe they're nervous, worried about appearing stupid but...c'mon - not getting that Palin is McCain's VP?

On the other hand - I hate when they do these - isn't the person on the street stupid (including that scary video of the Deliverance people).

It's funny - if these people said they wanted to vote for him because he was black - that they felt he had a hard enough time and had been through enough that he would be a candidate they felt would do his best for them - I think that would be valid. Wouldn't it be like veterans voting for McCain? But then - I'd think they were racist if they didn't vote for him just because he was black...not sure how that works.

"aw crap"

Well I would still bet you they know Barack Obama is not a terrorist.

I bet if you asked people which candidate was born outside of our country, 99% would get it wrong.


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