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McCain's Healthcare Plan



That's the first time I've fully understood it. And, now I get something I never realized was part of this - this way businesses will not have to provide their workers with health care. I f@#$ing hate these people with their health care programs in the Senate continuing their war on the middle class. Sorry I'm so late to the party on getting this....

It's more than than just freeing employers from responsibility for their employees. It's about forcing people into the market as individuals. Then they can be accepted or rejected for insurance coverage by insurance providers who have been busily combing through their applicants prescription histories to gather as much information as they can about them. That way the insurance companies can better cover the healthiest, most profitable customers while rejecting those with preexisting conditions.

This dialogue needs more exposure. I have to guess that MSNBC is preaching to the choir on this one, and most NYT readers are in Herbert's camp as well. Maybe we can get some truthiness in on this and TDS can find a way, because the rest of the media isn't likely willing to present this information.

Nuttiness about Palin aside, this is probably my biggest reason for being pro Obama, and anti McCain. I'm very glad to see this getting more coverage, but a little bit frightened the McCain plan is even on the table. (and that he's trying to hide it.)

McCain's Health Care Plan Taxing Your Health Benefits

A detailed article on precisely why Obama's plan is better.

I think if properly publicized, this is what is going to push a lot of those undecided voters over the edge to the left. IMHO.

Thanks for putting up links. I now really feel the fool for missing all this stuff you guys are/were talking about. I didn't realize how bad McCain's plan was!


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