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McCain - Palin

They look like they're just going through the motions to me. I love Sarah's answer to what a precondition is.



I can’t believe that a candidate can run for election on such a simple platform, I won’t raise taxes, I’ve fought in wars, I’m old. Distracts – simple - people away from what his election would actually translate into.

Its sad to see Palin talking about their policy towards Iran. Naive and dangerous to sit down and talk about the problems and issues? you need to rely on ulterior diplomatic means instead? I find this absurd. We’re social creatures and the best way to exercise peaceful diplomatic strategies is through dialogue.

Its funny near the end where Palin interrupts kinda, and McCain raises a disapproving eyebrow.

Oh God McCain looks old here. Old and not particularly stable.

Palin. hearing her speak makes me so angry these days. Her answer to 'precondition' was almost a perfect argument FOR meeting foreign leaders.

Palin's executive experience? Her entire state has the same population as 16% of Los Angeles. She has been governor less time than Obama has been running for President. She has ZERO curiosity about American History, World Cultures, or Military History.

Instead she 'won't blink'.

Palin leading the most powerful military in history? In two wars against a nebulous enemy?


Add to that her record on running the budget of that poor town into a massive debt. Not exactly the kind of experience we need either.

Too bad he didn't ask her if she knows what a Vice President does yet. Maybe he'll get to it in the upcoming segments?

The Wasila debt.

The good idea: make a community sports center. May even help keep the local kids off Meth, so something I would support.

The stupid idea: beginning construction before securing all the land the building is actually on. And the guy owning that land wasn't a shark! It just ended up costing them a TON of money. Lawyers fees, etc.

Anyhow, the majority of the debt is just the cost of the building spread over a few years, but it was done very badly. Perhaps without blinking.

I'm sure she wouldn't make obviously stupid mistakes like that as president though.

Sarah Palin won't sit down with TV interviewers without preconditions.


For any who seek answers regarding that time period in Wasilla when Palin was cutting her 'executive teeth,' I highly recommend viewing the following which is a 'dramatic reading' of the actual Town Council meeting minutes, Sarah Palin presiding. Frankly, since all other transcripts of meeting minutes were yanked after the subject minutes became public, I think some preservation effort is warranted.

That vid is GREAT!

We had a conversation today.

1) when selecting a doctor, is his intelligence and education important?

2) when selecting a lawyer, is his intelligence and education important?

3) when selecting the leader of the free world, is...

You know.


1) would you like to have a beer with your doctor...?

I wish he had one person reading Sarah so you know exactly which lines were hers. It's great though. Her PTA training is really helpful in her role as Mayor. I see why they keep bringing it up.

Can someone tell me what the hell is run with sitting down with an enemy and working out the differences? I don't understand why McCain-Palin say that its a bad idea.

I agree with what everyone has said above, and I sincerely hope the Obama/Biden ticket prevails, for the good of the United States. But Obama has made a big mistake--his "spread the wealth around" comment to Joe the Lion has given McCain and Palin their best last chance--if they can't succeed in casting Obama as a terrorist, they can at least call him a socialist. I know, I know, it doesn't make any sense worth talking about, but now the phrase "redistribute wealth" is echoing through Blue and Undecided America. I hate to even think it, but 4 years from now, we may be looking back on that short encounter with Joe as Obama's "scream" moment, the 2 seconds that blew a near-perfect game. Probably I'm just worrying too much but...

It true what you're saying and sad. Considering how much of this nation lives paycheck to paycheck that they somehow have faith that one day soon they'll be making the big bucks and then cling to every penny without concern for those they left behind. And that, like Joe the Plumber, falsely believe the "redistribution of wealth" won't actually benefit them.

It's total irrational fear of buzz words like Socialism without any modest understanding of the reality.

Perhaps someone could remind the American people that the wealth has been redistributed these last eight years and Obama is just trying to get some of our own back: That companies have cut back so less employees are doing more work and making the same money or workers have voluntarily taken pay cuts where the execs and Board members have been getting astronomical salaries, bonuses and parachutes - where long term corporate growth and job security has been traded for quarterly profits. At the same time the execs taxes have been going down.

The chasm between the classes is higher than it's been since the Gilded Age but, like S.G. said, people think if they just wait a little bit, they will be on the other side of the chasm - that everyone over there earned it. When the ones that have, like Barack and Biden, are out there for the public to see, they are re-positioned by Republicans as elites instead of touted as examples of the American dream.

Anyway - I know I'm preaching to the choir here but I don't think it will the end of Barack. Momentum is a hard thing to start but it's also a hard thing to break....

How old was John F. Kennedy when Cuba had those missiles parked 90 miles off our shore, John?

I simply cannot watch when Palin speaks. I have to skip forward. It's just too embarrassing, even when there aren't any big gaffes.

I know, right? It hurts me in some way I can't quite explain.

This ellection is still close people, McCain can still win with out the popular vote, so I hope everyone is registered and ready to do their part.

I agree with Kristian as far as the embarrassing nature of Palin-speak. Do you notice how she was so proud of herself because she can pronounce Ahmedinijad? I can just imagine her practicing that in front of a mirror as her handlers tell her where to find Iran on a map, among other things most adults already know.

Her Handlers: “OK Governor Palin, what is the main Muslim sect in Iran?” Sarah: “I can say Ahmedinijad!”

Sorry, but she would do less damage as a jumbo jet copilot. The havoc her complete lack of intellect could play as vice president is frightening—at least to me.

And sorry again, but McCain is just too damn old and grumpy to be president. It's too tough a job for a man who will begin work at age 72.

Brian Williams made a great point on The Daily Show a while back stating a scenerio even "real" America cold relate to: On 9/11 while Bush was being shuttled around the important calls of that critical day were left to the Vice President.

If our nation were to come under attack and McCain was not in a place to make the important decisions - as Bush was not on that day - do we feel confident Sarah Palin would know what to do?

McCain does not need to be dead, or even hospitalized, for Palin to be our "Commander in Chief." Cheney has held the title twice now in the past eight years. Personally, I don't feel safe having Palin hold that job one minute.

(I know, in reality Cheney has held that title the entirety of the past eight years, but officially only two times).

Sometimes I get the feeling that McCain is really trying to be a true patriot... trying really hard to screw up by leading a completely unelectable ticket. (which is why I supported him in the Colorado primary).

...seems like he's been trying to punt the whole thing to the Dems, so THEY can be saddled with both the hard work of cleaning up the mess as well as getting the blame during this next LONG downturn -- but the problem is, there's a huge chunk of electorate out there that is just too goddamn stupid to get it.

I kind of got that feeling, too. Like McCain is taking a dive.

If he was really taking a dive would he really be stirring up all this hate?

I really expect to see violence against blacks Acorn, elected official and liberals in general as these right wing nut jobs at losing power to a man they now feel is a communist/terrorist. There has already a "domestic terrorist" attack on all the federal elected officials in Minnesota(their houses were all vandalized).

IF that really happens I think McCain will take the blame. and republican will be pushed back further until they denounce the bile their extreme is spewing.

"If he was really taking a dive would he really be stirring up all this hate?"

Well, consider the argument. McCain is taking a dive so as to saddle the Democrats with the burden of cleaning up. That would make the democrats look like bad guys, actually PAYING for the war by raising taxes, etc. By using the terrorist/socialist play now while they have the pulpit, they start a wave of mistrust and anger that they hope to harvest in four years.

note: If Palin were to enter the Cuban Missile Crisis, she would not have blinked and we would be irradiated. Watch "Fog of War" and hear McNamarra's behind the scenes account. Blinking saved us.

Palin's contempt for transparency - even just releasing medical records - is almost as irritating as her ignorance.

McCain just seems completely on ropes. I too have wondered if he's just purposely throwing the election. On Palin: here's an inflated resume (basically).

When did Joe Biden say he's be comfortable running on a McCain ticket? Did Palin mean Liebermann?

Palin regurgitating her inflated resume: yo, Obama has more knowledge on the constitution; more international experience; more governmental experience on the local, state, and national level; more experience with grass roots efforts - even in a large town!. But I write this where people agree.

An acquaintance of mine used to say that hearing W talk made his teeth hurt. Palin makes my entire head hurt.

"Obama has made a big mistake--his "spread the wealth around" comment to Joe the Lion has given McCain and Palin their best last chance."

No way is "spreading the wealth around" going to hurt Obama. First of all--95% of the public is getting wealth spread to them! They understand this now, after Obama has had the chance to explain it multiple times in the debates and in ads. McCain's ads which have a succession of people saying that they're all "Joe the Plumber", presumably all making over $250,000 per year just shows how McCain is defending a very narrow slice of economic elitists, and trying to get ordinary Americans to somehow identify with them.

McCain seems to think that 95% of the country getting a tax cut will suddenly sound like a communist policy if we hear it described by Obama as "spreading the wealth around". They've reached that low point in politics where they think that what sounds bad to GOP dead-enders is the same thing that sounds bad to the average American voter. It's at that point when you're in the wilderness, and you just keep walking deeper and deeper in.

"I kind of got that feeling, too. Like McCain is taking a dive."

Either that, or he's become one of the biggest BS artists in politics. When he says that Palin is the most qualified person to run for VP recently (even more than Lieberman, McCain's first choice!), he must know that he's giving Palin's detractors one more chance to snicker and laugh at her, and one more piece of evidence for those who say this is not the McCain of old. Lipstick on a pig indeed.

Hmm.. if McCain had chosen Lieberman, that may have done some amazing things. The base would have been less energized unless you brought in a gay marriage vote, but you would have easily nabbed Florida and gotten a lot of independents.

Most Dems have thought of Joe L as a Republican in Dem-drag for some time.

While I was leapfrogging on You Tube from lee1954's video,I cam across this clip of Palin on Obama before she was tapped for veep. She was still for the big "R" but wasn't quite so hyped about McCain mid-summer.


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