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Links With Your Coffee - Monday




The Fifth Grader From Florida Asks Joe Biden What The Vice President Does video was simply awesome.

That kid is going to make a great reporter some day.

Joe Biden is now my

Re: missing the mark.

I have only read The Road by McCarthy, which was the first book I saw without Quotation marks or apostrophes for that matter. I wrote it off as a device to blur the line between the internal and external on purpose, making you evaluate the father's character more carefully, and the situation he was in. I can see how the same style of writing would work for No Country (even though i haven't read the book). I really appreciate McCarthy dropping the marks. It works for his style, as the WSJ article points out.

Another writer's screed about the downfall of america being the language evolving beyond the way they use it. I appreciate the concern, but complaining about a new style of poetry/art/literature/music, you can't help but come across as sounding like the old coot yelling at the kids on his lawn.


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