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regarding "Creationists declare war over the brain"; I find this to be extremely worrisome. Maybe even more worrisome than all the efforts to teach ID.

The average person on the street is probably more willing to include supernatural causes in his/her understanding of the human mind than in his/her model of pretty much any other phenomenon, even evolution.

Despite the fact that the materialist/naturalist view of the mind is almost ubiquitous among philosophers and scientists (ok, perhaps not quite as ubiquitous as a materialist/naturalist view of evolution), I think the general population consists almost entirely of dualists, including many of the people who realize that creationism (when it comes to evolution) is BS.

Even during my gradual change from Catholic to atheist, one of the last things I let go of was the need for a supernatural soul to explain consciousness. Only a lot of Dennett, Hofstadter and Ramachandran eventually convinced me that a soul is not necessary to explain consciousness, something that to me was a huge relief.

Anyways... I think this initiative to fight materialism with mind-body dualism might actually be more likely to succeed than all the ID stuff, since dualism is something that most people intuitively agree with, and take for granted. I know many Christians who appreciate science (even evolution) as much as I do, but who have trouble even comprehending the idea that we might not have supernatural souls...

God help us ;)


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