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Links With Your Coffee - Monday


Why am I the last to know? I don't often use the search function on this blog, but did yesterday. To my chagrin I discovered it wasn't working properly. It is now fixed.



"small towns, that's the part of the country she really likes going to because that's the pro-America part of the country."

How does this apply to the civil war, the first one? Obviously by Plain Palin standards the South was more pro-pro-America than the North, which was too damn Yankee, industrialized, etc. But the Blue Coats wanted to keep the Damn Thing together. Which ever side you were on you had to be anti-American according to the other side's vision of how it ought to have been.

"in these wonderful little pockets"

that the Republicans love to pick with their taxes-known-by-the-alias-"profits".

Sarah Palin: Stalwart of the Stalwarts.

"the woods."


"The Forest"?

I never once heard anyone in the Mountain west use this "the Woods" idiom. It's very Newenglandish.To us Mogollon Rim (in August it's muggy on the Muggy-on Rim) dwellers it was always "The Forest", "soda" was always "pop", and the small towns I knew, even the Mormon ones, except for, Show Low, which isn't Mormon, okay, were always much more urbane than the Rube cities such as Phoenix's Maryvale, Gilbert, etc. Smalltowners are not idiots, they are in the words of the sage Ho Pi (or was it Hua Yen?) "country gentlemen".

That's funny, Canadian's call it "pop" too, but whenever we went to the US and our parents wondered what pop we wanted they would look at us funny. New Zealanders on the otherhand call them "fizzy drinks", but that's a different story and those Kiwis are bat-shit f'ing loco. I should know, my sister lives there.

I've heard it before. Okay not quite the same context but . . .

In the Midwest, they refer to it as, "the timber".

Jon was talking to someone about her being Nell from the woods - I think I heard it here on one of the shows.


(all suggestive of provincialism)


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