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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday


  • Time to retire the T. Word — ListicsI’m just about worn out by the whole “Terror” thing. We used to say that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. It was true then and it’s true now, but now you can get retired to Guantanamo for that kind of thinking. Humorless lot, these neo-con warlords.

    After the election we will still have to live with the 35% of Americans who are patriotic true believers in the holy war against Islam, who believe that the last days are coming soon, and who really can’t wait for Armageddon. The whole medieval world view that sees the global clash of cultures as a “war,” yes — a crusade, needs to be altered. One place to start making the change is with the T. word. . .

  • BAGnewsNotes: Has McCain Been Suffering From What The DSM-IV Classifies As Caffeine Intoxication?
    “(F)or someone with a busy, stressful job, little stresses elicit big responses on caffeine, and big stresses elicit huge responses.” Lane once did a study in which he compared caffeine’s effects on type-A versus type-B personalities. “Caffeine tended to make type Bs into type As,” he says. “Their blood pressure went up. They rose to challenges.” The type As didn’t get any more ambitious; they just became more excitable.

  • Zack Exley: The New Organizers, Part 1: What's really behind Obama's ground game

  • Anecdotal Evidence: `This Is a Hardware Store'



Re: Time to retire the T. Word

Good article. Another word we should stop using is insurgent:

noun 1. One that revolts against civil authority. 2. A member of a political party who rebels against its leadership.

The word makes it sound like they are an evil external force, when in fact they are mostly native rebels or revolutionaries. Something of which the US has a fairly favorable view

That article linked to fisking the war on terror This is an excellent article.


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