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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday



Chuckie Baby! Lemos! It's a friggin' miracle!

Yes, but he always follows up with the standard Lemasm: However, his character is a significant hurdle for me.

It's deeply stupid, and doesn't actually mean anything, but it protects his precious ego.

Palin is so Cheney-esque will the baldfaced lies, it's astounding. If you've even met a real, authentic pathological liar you'll see a lot of resemblance.

The sad thing about McCain is that he's not Stockdale. Palin should be the one asking "Why am I here?", but it's McCain that people are pitying.

Did Hitchens just do a complete 180 on Palin, or am I reading him wrong? I just got done with this article yesterday:


I read that one, too. As an aside - I don't get what his problem with the Clintons is - here it looks like his big upset is that Clinton didn't stop screwing around. Not a noble thing but, I'm sorry - I really don't truly care unless it makes him run the country badly (which means - yes, the Republican relentless pursuit of him finally made me care because there was no escaping it for us or for Clinton.)

But - on the Sarah thing, yes - I believe that must have been written before the Katie Couric interviews, the bridge to nowhere claims, the pipeline claims, etc. Just another good call from Christopher Hitchens - a man I love to hear speak but who I have also lost all respect for.

No miracle from Lemos. He still refuses to vote for Obama. Apparently he prefers McCain.

I realize there's probably no point asking questions about facts and reason - reasonable people concerned with facts wouldn't vote for Obama anyway. But I'm curious to know why Sarah Palin is such a "disastrous" pick.

The Couric interview? That was a hostile interview conducted by an openly biased reporter. Biden made more factual errors in his Couric interview and got a handjob for it, so it's hard to hold Palin responsible for that. In other news, the Barney Frank / Bill O'Reilly interview also went poorly. Strange how that doesn't seem to harm Frank's popularity.

The "bridge to nowhere"? But Barry and Biden voted for that. And Barry has asked for and received far more earmarks in his short term.

The "I can see Russia from my house" bit? Palin never said anything remotely like that, nor did she claim that it was her foreign policy experience. As I've pointed out before, in the interview she was asked the question directly: given our proximity to Russia, what foreign policy experience do you have? And she brushed the question off once, politely humored it the second time, and then discussed her actual qualifications. Which, by the way, are greater than Barry's.

The Bush Doctrine non-issue? She didn't explode or melt when asked a vague question - she asked for clarification. Given that even the man who coined the term defends her on this one, since there are at least four possible meanings for the term, this again seems ridiculous.

Lack of experience? She's been in government longer than Barry.

The "she tried to ban books" lie? Actually she just asked a librarian what would happen if someone came in and asked a book to be banned. The librarian who said that, and others, have repeatedly stated that she never pressured them to ban anything.

The debate? Biden made twenty-two factually incorrect statements or outright lies in that debate!

The ridiculous, kangaroo-court "abuse of power" issue? Even disregarding the obvious political nature of the overblown investigation and timing, the biased committee, and so on ... the worst the committee could conclude was that personal involvement might have influenced her decision to fire someone. It was clear that she did not violate any law nor commit an impeachable act.

I've run out of liberal talking points. I'm sure someone here has an overfull cup and can spill a few.

But of course, it's really a rhetorical question: I know why you don't like Sarah Palin. In your terms, it's bigotry. You have bigoted opinions about her superficial qualities.

She's religious. She hunts. She has a weird accent. She says "nuke-yoo-lar" and "you betcha!". She is against abortion.

The funny thing is, those attributes apply to the vast majority of our society.

Sarah Palin is the "common man" the Democrats are always pretending they care about. Why didn't McCain mention the "common man"! I care about the "common man"! Until, of course, you meet a common man and you just can't wait to tell them how stupid and backwards you think they are. Clinging to their guns and religion - those pesky Constitutional rights! If only they were millionaires who got rich off the American system, then they'd finally understand how horrible we are, like those geniuses Matt Damon and Madonna! Let's show her how true open-minded, intelligent people think and operate - honey, grab my "Sarah Palin Is a Cunt" t-shirt, you wear your "Abort Sarah Palin" shirt ... we'll be such a hit at the local Starbucks!

In reality, Sarah Palin is a fine candidate - better than Obama.

But there's an important point I want to make here, and that's the fact that I don't by any means discourage investigating someone's actions or involvements. If someone did something you consider suspicious or you want to know more about their past, that's your right - particularly when they're running for office. The same goes for McCain. In fact it pleases me because it just gives us the chance to point out, again, that both are innocent of the accusations and perfectly suited for office.

I find it both reassuring and hilarious that despite all the left-wing bluster and self-righteous posturing, even with your focused and concerted effort to destroy this woman, you've found nothing. That's why you're so stagey-mad and incredulous.

On the other hand, any attempt to investigate Barry's background is met with open hostility and hatred. There has never been a presidential candidate whose background has gone as unexamined as Obama's. There has never been a candidate who has been able to so successfully block investigation into key times of his life, his writings, his associations, and so forth. Even worse, when information about his shady past comes out, any attempt to discuss it is called "hateful" and "fearmongering" and immediately hushed up by the complicit, puppy-love stricken mainstream media.

Why is this?

Why are you scared to have the truth about Obama come out?


Well, doesn't it feel great to get all that off your chest? But what did it really gain you? You do understand you'll make no progress with this post other than to just regurgitate your own perceptions? People who are going to vote for McCain are voting for McCain, and those that are voting for Obama are going to vote for Obama. I am quite sure if there are any undecided out there they aren’t on this site. Seeing is not believing, believing is believing.

Hey Calli - All your questions have been asked and answered before - here (some directly to you) and all over the internet. Maybe someone else will want to write you an answer that you will ignore again.

I just had to write you though because I thought your statement about what the vast majority of our society are like was funny. How do you know? You live in California.

Your comments about T-shirts, Starbucks, bigotry, etc. - again - laughable.

The right wingers are probably saying all these things about you, anyway. You live in California and are a registered Democrat.

In reality, Sarah Palin is a fine candidate - better than Obama.

Strange in the long screed you wrote, you didn't give a single reason why she is a good pick, or better than obama.

Ignoring all your half-truths and bold face lies (per usual), Not-a-disaster is not a qualification for a vice president.

In reality, Sarah Palin is a fine candidate - better than Obama.

You aren't even rational at this point. How else can you explain this whole, “The economy is in the toilet, the deficit is a bottomless pit, and we are losing two wars at once. I think I'll vote Republican!” mentality?

With Palin and McCain the Republicans are offering America another dose of mediocrity to follow in the wake of the Bush disastrous presidency. McCain graduated 5th from the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy. McCain is another child of privilege who got by on his family name. Palin is obviously not very intelligent and has no firm grasp of world affairs. Her handlers can stuff her with fun facts like a French goose but that is no substitute for intellect. I don't need to see Palin destroyed—I just don't want her anywhere near the highest office in this country.

Obama graduate magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. Even with grade inflation that's ain't bad.

How else can you explain this whole, “The economy is in the toilet, the deficit is a bottomless pit, and we are losing two wars at once. I think I'll vote Republican!” mentality?
  • Because the problems with the economy were created by the Democratic party, who aggressively promoted the institutions which failed and fought regulation of those institutions tooth-and-nail.
  • Because we are not losing "two wars at once". Iraq is actually doing pretty well. Afghanistan is about your average UN clusterfuck. Obama was against the strategy that worked in Iraq, and has no plans for Afghanistan.
  • Because I'm not a reactionary moron who can be manipulated by a demagogue.
Obama graduate magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.

There's a reason why graduation placement and school selection factor very low in employment decisions. For better reference: George W. Bush was a Yale grad. George H.W. Bush graduated from Yale with distinction in two and a half years. Were they great presidents?

And in Barry's case, nobody knows for sure how he got into Harvard. By his own admission his high-school grades were horrible and he was a drug addict. There is speculation that he was able to go to Harvard because of powerful friends, and that his schooling was funded by those same friends (since Barry never held a real job and took many overseas trips). He claims he did it through student loans, but those loans aren't reported on the financial disclosure statements Obama submitted when he became a Senator. This is all shady territory because Barry won't allow anybody to see his records, and refuses to discuss it. Funny how he can get away with that, isn't it?

Oh, and YES, i am bigoted against people who believe in Witches and who want ALL abortion criminalized.

And I'm against people who wear meat hats and serenade the moon!

Palin is religious - as is Barry. Religious people tend to follow some written text. Yes, the Bible does make mention of witchcraft. But Palin's actual level of involvement with "believing in witches" was in going to a church whose pastor is a bit nutty on a bizarre issue. Sound familiar? Strangely, I find it more disturbing that someone would sit for 20 years listening to a preacher say "God damn America!" and encouraging a witch hunt against white people. But that's just me, apparently.

And the abortion issue is so tired, so stale. Even if, in your hysterical fantasy land, Palin were to become president and pack the court with as many conservative judges as possible, the worst that could happen is that Roe v. Wade - a ruling that is recognized as severely flawed in structure, regardless of its implications - would be overturned. This would not criminalize abortion. It would revert the decision of abortion to the domain of individual states.

McCain is much more open on the abortion issue - on The View he was labeled "pro choice" and he wisely opted not to respond. More importantly, neither McCain or Palin have made any statement that would lead you to believe they would take action to enforce their position - they've even openly stated that abortion would not be a "litmus test" for any appointments they might make.

Compare that to Barry's promise that his "first piece of legislation" would be the "Freedom of Choice Act" - which would overturn all state restrictions on abortion including parental notification laws and extreme cases such as late-term and intact dilation and extraction (or "partial birth" abortion). Add this to the fact that Barry voted against the Born Alive Protection Act because, in his own words, it "won't allow people to kill children".

Your reaction to what you see as an extreme personal belief has led to you an opposite but equally extreme political belief. That's about the best summary of Barack Obama I can phrase.

Barack Obama is an extreme-left-wing socialist. Perhaps this is why Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Lieberman all endorsed McCain over Obama? Obama's famous off-the-cuff comment to "the plumber guy", which flitted through the mind of the mainstream media to make room for more Palin jokes, was that he wants to "Take your wealth and spread it around". I think the plumber's response - his name is Joe Wurzelbacher - sums it up best:

I wish the newspaper people, talk shows, I wish they would start off with the very beginning: “Do you believe the American dream?” That was essentially what it came down to for me – was do you believe in the American Dream, you’re not going to punish people for going for it? My American Dream is just more personal to me as far as working, making a good living and being able to provide for my family, college for my son. Things like that – simple things in life, that’s really what it comes down to for me. That’s my dream. Most people, you ask them “do you believe in the American Dream?” Nine times out of ten they’ll sit there and go, “Yeah, of course!” That’s where he messed up, because as soon as I asked him that, his answer shows that he doesn’t believe in the American Dream. You know, like the question you asked before – he pretty much contradicted himself. “I don’t want to punish you but – “ Well, you’re going to anyways. [Small businesses] shouldn’t be taxed more because they’ve succeeded. That’s envy and jealousy. Get off your butt and go work. Don’t sit there and expect the government to give it to you.

All I can say is, thank Al Gore for the Internet. Seriously, since the mainstream media largely refuses to discuss you these things, citizens have decided they'll investigate the matters on their own. Here are two well-cited investigations into Barack Obama and his policies:

Who Is Barack Obama
What Would Barack Obama Do

Tell me again how this man is supposedly the better pick?

Your information is so wrong, (and I believe it has already been debunked here) that maybe someone else want to enlighten you but...this really made me laugh:

There's a reason why graduation placement and school selection factor very low in employment decisions.

What employment is that?

At this point I would be worried if you thought Obama was the better candidate. I might have to reconsider McCain.

If you are going to write this nonsense you could at least make it shorter. I haven't got the energy to read that much garbage, let alone respond all your factless points.

People point to the guy regan planted in his crowd to shout racist things so He could denounce racism...

McCain tried the same tactic, and is failing.

Where did you get that nice quote from? The more I hear about "Joe" (ahem, Samuel) the more I'm convinced he's more of a plant than G.W. Shrub.

This sounds like reagan. I haven't heard anyone mention "american dream" so many times in a single speech (6) without also mentioning "Morning in America" as a campaign ad.

I have a feeling Sam will be showing up at mccain ralleys and in commercials between now and election day, unless, of course, someone outs him as the tool he is.

P.S. If Callis timestamp is correct, why was the right wing all talking about this guy before the debate? Fishy...

Oh, and YES, i am bigoted against people who believe in Witches and who want ALL abortion criminalized.


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