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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday


Forum News: There is an abundance of interesting content there for your perusal. Also, I have recently added a few words from each post so you don't have to rely on the title alone. Do you have a topic you want to discuss, that I haven't posted at onegoodmove. The Forum is a place where you can decide what's important. Post a link to an article or video you'd like to share or write an essay on a topic you think is important.



I tried to post a couple of clips and articles a while back and was unable to do so. I know I'm doing something stupidly wrong - I just don't know what it is.

On usernames created before I had the forum I have to change the permissions to allow posting on the forum. Jill, I've now made the change for you.

Two things: If you had a MT username before the forum existed send me an email with the username and I'll change your permissions. If you have a typekey username you'll need to get a MT username to post on the forum. The easiest is to pick a new username but use the same screen name. You will then have permission to comment on onegoodmove and permission to contribute and comment on the forum.

I'm waiting for all the guilt-by-association attacks to start mounting against McCain. His own affiliations with domestic terrorism sympathizers should be first among them.

How many people sympathetic to abortion clinic bombings do you think can be associated with McCain?

I betcha bunches. wink.

I also cannot seem to post on the forum norm. if you can fix it great.

my link, if I could get it to work would be this great video of Donna Brazile if i was running the campaign

OK she was so impressive I almost cried...OK i cried... but I was alone at the time.

It is the first one, but the whole symposia is interesting as well (second video)


I too love Donna Brazile. Thank you for this link.

The entire symposia, the second link is not so emotional but really interesting.

makes you look at the hillary obama competition differently

Wow! I teared up, too. I'm going to have to set aside the time for the symposium - it looks interesting. I second that thank you.


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