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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday




A UFO on the right? Okay, I don't get it.

Christiaan - the real question is what do you see on the left?

The article on Palin is great and really, really scary. Between the amazing endorsement of Obama from The New Yorker and this article on Palin, you think how could anyone vote for McCain but... whose going to read this except people already voting for Obama?

Ah - I feel much better now that I've read the accompanying article with the blurry images.

As for voting for McCain/Palin - those all hot and heavy for the McPain ticket think that the media's all out to get those candidates, so why would the article matter anyway?

Unless you're still undecided.

canadian view of debate Biden's star ascendant after stella performance

I continue to think that Biden really gained mileage from this debate, but he needs to well keep up with the scrappy kid from scranton stuff. Kill the folksy moose shooting with smiling irish.

I like the smiling Irish comment. I have to say, I wish he would bring his family into it more - we all know about Palin's five kids, her baby, etc., but he had a really nice looking family, too.

k - Did you see the New Yorker piece Akira put up in the forum? Since you're always about substance, I think you'd like it.

Best Science Photos : I have to say that, in spite of the remarkable beauty of most of these pictures, the thing that stands out for me is the use of the plural "Mitochondria" to describe a singe mitochondrion - and in National Geographic! I may have to re-consider my subscription.

That's why you're the pedantsareus!

(studio audience laughs and cheers)

I loved the Palin debate flowchart on "How Sarah Palin Survived Ninety Minutes Without Spontaneously Combusting"

Yep Norm, I see the Virgin Mother in both those pics. I just didn't know you'd converted on us.

Saturn with rings on the right, first vague, then clear,

On the, a blank...


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