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Links With Your Coffee - Friday




OHMIGOSH - did anyone see this exchange between O'Reilly and Frank about Freddie/Fannie? I rarely see anything of O'Reilly but wow - he lost it here.

When anyone goes on that show, they should have on hand a sign that says "is it hard to hear me over his yelling?" That would be so cool if it became a trend.

That hurt my head. It's beyond me how anyone can listen to this crap. I was really disappointed when Obama agreed to appear on his show.

It's not that I don't agree with people like O'Reilly and Hannity, it's that I don't learn anything when the entire "discussion" is two people screaming. It's so utterly insane that it boggles my mind that anyone would care to listen to such exchanges.

Likewise, I can't stand the yelling matches that occur at times on CNN and MSNBC. If the host of the program cannot foster a civil debate, then I don't care to watch to watch the silliness.

He really is insane.


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