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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday


How many believe Sarah will be wired for tonight’s debate? Is there a debate rule against her getting that type of help?



I am too afraid to watch the debate. I have this fear that this will be exactly the arena where she'll shine. I was reading what the guy who formerly debated her said and he said her generalities, lack of facts and her tactic of not answering the question asked stood her well in debates. Or - they'll pull some Rove-style tricks like wiring. (I think someone should bring a wireless disrupter...) I think the whole upset over Ifill was planned and I wish she had pulled out. This way - they will blame it on her if there is a problem - if there isn't, it will be, even in the face of Ifill's prejudice, Palin overcame's a win/win solution. Of course, all the while knowing that Ifill will be scrupulously fair because she's a professional. I'm going out to dinner or something and will wait to read what everyone else said.

It's funny - one of Calligraph's posts made fun of people "hoping" for things - implying his choice was action oriented (just buying the marketing being fed to him - he probably feels he's part of some Ram-tough car commercials) But you've got to hope people aren't as naive as the past two elections have led us to believe. (I even gave them the first one - but 2004 made me realize how manipulatable - not sure that's a word - the American people have become.) And, how bigoted are they?? I know why JoAnn feels the way she does but I keep going for the thing with feathers.

Okay - that is my sentimental screed for the day - maybe the week depending on how this goes.

Also - I couldn't believe when I saw that the Palins are worth $1.2m - not that I begrudge them - I think they've worked hard for their money on the most part but then the whole writing off onto the tax payers a 312 day per diem of $17K when you're home is pretty pathetic and, if it's true she also wrote off her husband/children's travel expense of $43.5K--- that just sucks.

I'm concerned because I keep hearing on the news on the television and in the print media that Joe Biden has to be careful how it is that he debates with a woman. Does this notion annoy anyone other than me?

And other women - including, I bet, his wife....?

As much as I wish it wasn't so, Biden is going to kick her ass. Women hate her more than men do, and the men like her because she looks like their middle school librarian, so he doesn't need to worry about anything but making more gaffes.

He could show up wearing a wife-beater undershirt, and still come out of this with a win.

It's over.

Wow - we're never on the same side of the fence. I think you're selling her short. And, as a woman, I don't dislike her any more or less than Bush or the new, improved McCain - I'd assume that would be your weather vane about how you feel about her.

Yeah, but you're really weird.

Probably shouldn't have posted that. Sorry Jill. Sorry Norm.

Crappy day.

Worried that the McCain/Palin ticket is all but lost? I understand. I've been worried about the Obama/Biden ticket which leads me to say some things which I might want to take back. ;)

I'm hoping for a "Govenor, I served with Hillary Clinton. I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine. Govenor your no Hillary Clinton" moment.

I'll be watching tonight but not expectant of much.

typo -'re no

A friend is trying to talk me into watching so he sent me this:

"...put government back ... side of ... people of Joe six-pack, like me..."

No shit,

Ironic that Cindy Mc is the, heiress of the, Alcohol distributor..mafia, that has... intoxicated (our) state...glub,glub,....those inversions, non-responses, out of body-and-mind (non)responses of Sarah's are, could be, (could be, and it seems, are,) indicative of alcohol poisoning, either, ironically again, foetal alcohol syn..., or just nerves, but just calmed, a bit too,...much too, to drome, drink, or both, all of the above.

Not every race has the liver of a Christopher Hitchens, and the EVOLUTIONary selection he, and his ancestors, have already gone through, however incompletely and "unfairly".

"it’s motivation for John McCain and I"

John McCain is.... Merish, me Ian...Irish! "As much as I wish it wasn't so..."

It is,

foetal alcohol, Syn....


The notion annoys me, JoAnn, but what really pleases me is that you use the term "debates WITH.."

Thank you.

Then again, I am something of a pedant.

I thought about what you said Pedantsareus. At first blush, I understand that you feel that there is a difference between "debating someone" and "debating with someone". Debating someone might imply that one is arguing that person's existence perhaps?

I had never thought about the difference. I just naturally use the phrase "debate with".

Anyway, I looked it up online and it is clear why so many people leave out "with". It seems that the definition of the verb "to debate" includes "with" in the definition -- Well, at least according to some sources.

Debate Argue with one another "We debated the question of abortion"; "John debated Mary"

But then this would mean that they argued with the question of abortion... hmmm.. that doesn't make any sense.

Seems that common usage dictionaries online are destroying correct grammar usage, and Americans, in general, don't seem to really care all that much about correct grammar.


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