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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday




Here is my latest attempt at entertaining the masses with my skewed worldview and Ron Paul fetish:

Looked at the woman's list :) I've read 32 but, gotta say, I think there are some kind of weak choices on there. Looking at the comments, I found an interesting 30 books before you're 30 list.

Quite an interesting list the 30 by 30. I read 16 of them before I turned 30 and have read 23 of them overall. It's not fair though, I'm sure some of those were published long after I turned 30.

Every semester I teach three of the books on the 30 under 30 list in my core curriculum course.

I just thought of a great idea for a book list: "Read This Not That", a variation of the diet book "eat this not that". The idea is that there are very popular books that do a certain thing much worse than other books that people don't know as well. So don't read "To Kill a Mockingbird", read "The Invisible Man" or "All God's Dangers". Don't read "Uncle Tom's Cabin", read the slave narratives of Frederick Douglass. And don't read Ayn Rand, read Nietzsche or Hayek instead, depending on what you think she's doing.

I think that's a really great idea! (It's funny - I never thought of it until you said it but you could do that for almost everything - music, movies, art...) What are the three you teach or do they vary? Is this a known list?

And speaking of this not that - in some recent wanderings, one of the books said it was like but better than Catch 22. I didn't make a mental note because it was somewhere I thought I was going to return (the list of books for men?) but, if someone knows off the top of their heads, that would be great.

"The Democrat's support jumped to 50 percent or above in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania"

sh!t i hope so. sent obama's campaign some more hard earned dough yesterday. please let this BS end. love you all.


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