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John and Barack

John McCain speaks at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

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Barack Obama speaks at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

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Very funny stuff *8)

I wonder how the irate people in this video will take McCain palling around with Obama?

I think he may lose a few points.


If McCain was smart he should have tried to be funny at the debate, he can be really really funny on talk shows, Obama just doesn't have the funny gene.

I am still not convinced that McCain did not still seem a wee bit angry during his somewhat too sarcastic comedy skit. Am I biased or not here. Was he not a little bit pissed or not?

will see how funny mccain is on letterman, or will he be angry, but he can be very very funny.

He should have showed up to Letterman two weeks ago and been funny then.

Norm, as soon as that link is available, McCain's appearance this evening was amazing.

As I watch McCain in debates and see him spout nonsense, I suspect that most Americans don't have the slightest idea whether what he is saying is true or not. (Only 18% could answer the little three question quiz Norm put up, after all.) So in some ways, I think McCain is behind for the wrong reason - people just don't like him very much. What they really shouldn't like are his ideas and his proposed policies.

But the McCain telling jokes here was funny. So I think this clip shows just how badly McCain and the people running his campaign have screwed up. If they'd let people see just a few hints of this guy instead of the grouchy, ridiculous jerk they've shown them, maybe he'd have a better shot at winning.

people just don't like him very much

Nah, he is down because things are bad and republicans are being blamed. People don't know what they did wrong or why it has caused badness, but they know bush is dumb and shit sucks and McCain hugged him a lot.

People are almost brilliant in their simplicity.

This was actually a little creepy. For as serious as this race is, and how close elections are, why are they being so buddy buddy?

Too soon? Maybe?

You know i am watching the clips of mccain on letterman online ( not on yet in my time zone), He is really funny.

His campaign has really screwed this up, if this McCain, the funny likable McCain was around, not the petulant little rich kid, he would be winning. Well he would also have to rid himself of Palin.

Not that i want him to win, I think McCain is both these people, the impulsive twit and the charming funny and honorable guy, but I want Obama around for safer foreign policy and well some careful sanity.

I thought both McCain and Obama were funny here. The speech writers knew what they were doing. Obama gets humor; I don't think it's his strength. So there he is catching laughter as the jokes fly! McCain delivers this stuff well perhaps because of experience as a politician or perhaps because he is quite a passionate individual.

As for the Letterman show, you thought he was funny on it? There were a few tee hee moments, but I thought he mostly looked pathetic as he tried to defend himself and Palin, as well as using that old-ish saw about exploring the Ayers issue.

McCain was great here, but let's not get carried away... the real kudos go to the writers of those speeches. Some of that stuff is worthy of Stewart and Letterman, a couple even nasty enough for Maher. Very entertaining! Thank for posting, Norm.

"So in some ways, I think McCain is behind for the wrong reason - people just don't like him very much."

The sad thing is that he's least likable to Republicans. They're voting for him because they hate Obama, but they'd much rather have Palin and that's just wrong.

But that's not really why he's losing. Obama has run a great campaign, but this would have been tough for McCain no matter what. As soon as you see the majority of the voters tune into the campaign at the time of the conventions, that's when you know what the fundamentals look like, and they haven't looked good for McCain. He's not losing because he's flailing and desperate and angry, it's just the reverse.

You don't have to convince me that McCain - or any Republican, deserves to lose. But if the GOP gets what they deserve, the electoral map will look as lopsided as this, or this. But McCain and the GOP are likely to get through this election with most of their hard-core base still intact. If McCain were to pull off a near miraculous sweep of states that are still nominal "toss-ups" and pick off just one or two more that are clear Obama "leaners", McCain can still win. While I find that to be an absolutely amazing demonstration of American cluelessness, the people of this country might still be convinced to ignore the total failure of the Republican party and vote another of these idiots into the presidency if they are conned just a little more effectively.

Where do those maps come from? Do you have the one for Clinton's first and second term?

Just plain old Wikipedia.



Ok i watched the whole McCain on Letterman, he was funny but boy he is still mad, still complaining about Obama not doing his town hall meetings, still going on about the John Lewis comments. and ayres...

Other thing I noticed was McCain was really not convincing when he is talking about Sarah Palin, seems to more impressed with Todd's snowmobile racing successes.

I am impressed with Letterman, actually asking McCain about his choice of Palin. Sad the best interviews so far have been the view and Letterman.


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