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Joe the Plumber's House



To hell with this plumber.

"he's already done more interviews than Sarah Palin"

there ya go!

American media at its finest. I can just hear editors across the nation yelling at their reporters to "Go get 'the scoop', we can't afford to let our competitors monopolize the the 'Joe the plumber' story. Don't these assholes ever get embarrassed at the stupid shit stories they pursue?

If you see any pictures of these reporters being shoved out to Ohio to cover this moron, they do regret it, you can see it in their beaten lifeless eyes and sagging expressionless faces.

He's the welfare queen, the Willie Horton Republican lie of this election cycle. What a fatuous sack of wet shit this guy is. I bet he has Rush on his radio presets in his SUV.

If this keeps up Joe the Plumber is going to get a show on FOX.

Mario would kick this guys ass.

Oliver's line: "... 12 minutes is a rectal exam", will subtext Warhol's line forever more.

Wow! Is it his? It's good.


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