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I'm a Social Democrat Too

Senator Bernie Sanders (I) Vermont on the election, democracy, and what it is to be a Social Democrat. The clips are from his recent appearance on Real Time w/Bill Maher.

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Real Time w/Bill Maher
More Bill Maher video here
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Democratic Socialist... Social and economic democracy.

Yes, I finally know what I am!

I'm a social democrat too!

I LOVE this guy. That's amazing. I think I have to watch this whole show now, though, because I have to see what Frank Luntz said that he agrees with :) and - as much as I don't like his acting - I do like to hear Ben Affleck what Ben Affleck says.

One thing I wish these guys would say when they are talking about the wealthy, though, is no one begrudges anyone the right to wealth - it's fantastic, great, have a blast - just do your fair share in carrying the burden to preserve this country whose laws and conditions gives you the opportunities to amass that wealth and ---- quit passing up your equitable responsibilities and expecting the middle class to pick it up!

It is also a shame that no one can really say that the social democratic countries (ie european ones) and to a lesser degree Canada have 1 higher quality of life on most indexes 2 less crime 3 better overall health and life span of its citizens 4 better standards of education 5 less poverty I also wonder if they have less abortion? (ie less teenage pregnancy etc)

American living in canada

Tight immigration standards, little or no corn syrup and PHVO, teachers unions that demand excellence from their members, and more restrictions on abortion.

Thank you Bernie. Now if we could only get balls for the rest of our legislature.

I do wish more politicians could be so honest. And what he had to say about the divisiveness the GOP is creating is a great point that I don't think I have heard anyone put so persuasively. If Obama wins there will be millions of people who think there is a terrorist in the White House. That is truly scary. Too bad McCain hasn't got the balls to tame his party. He is going for broke on this one and left his conscience behind. Shame on him. Would have expected this of Bush and Cheney, but the old McCain claimed a higher road.

How could you disagree with anything he said? The super-rich are eroding American democracy.

Yes, that is my Senator.

Vermont seems very enlightened politically.


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