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Howard Zinn: Vote For Obama



Howard, this is also what we're against (from the BBC website today, in an article on US campaigning), quote: (…) At a local restaurant a friendly waitress started chatting to us. The conversation turned to politics. She shrugged, she was not even sure when the election was to be held, she could not pronounce Mr Obama's name. "I like McCain because I can say his name, so I'll probably vote for McCain." She was not well informed, but her views were clear. "He's from Africa or something. I don't even know where he's from. I know he grew up here, but he's not from here. I think American presidents should be from America."

i'm gonna get drunk.


I talked to a co-worker who thought McCain should win because someone would assassinate Obama, and that America isn't ready for a black president. He then went on to say that he just didn't want to see us in any more wars.

Good to have Zinn's endorsement of Obama, perspective and advice. Organization is something sorely lacking in the Democratic party, especially in comparison to the GOP. Obama's campaign has been quite organized. Perhaps that can continue.

jpaul,it's pretty depressing to consider the incurious, especially those voting for McCain. There's plenty of propaganda still being spewed about Obama - most of it the same old same old that has been refuted time and again - yet people still believe these things - Obama the African, Arab, anything not truly American; Obama the terrorist. I can imagine the bumper stickers already being manufactured for sale after Obama wins.

Oh how I want a clear margin of victory for Obama/Biden in 2 weeks! If he can keep his moral high ground and implement meaningful policy in the next 4 years, maybe - just maybe - there can be a return to reasonable discourse as the norm, with wingnuts back on the fringe.

Zinn on the bailout (from later in the same interview):


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