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Faithful See Virgin Mary's Image in Toilet Bowl

Cincinnati,OH—Hundreds of people are being drawn to the Creation Museum by what they say looks like an image of the Virgin Mary in a toilet bowl.

As many as 300 people, some weeping, gathered outside the third stall of the Museum's men's room. They prayed, they took photographs, and they said the rosary.

The museum curator said the cause of the image was not immediately clear, but he plans on talking to the head of the janitorial staff, Benedict.

Sarah Palin, in the Museum preparing for this evening's debate, said it was comforting to know that God's spirit was there in this time of turmoil for the nation.

This is not the only recent sighting of a virgin, a similar incident occurred here.

(tip to Geoff)



My poop was the spitting image of Vishnu the other day. I guess I should have called the press.

That's disgusting, next thing you know someone will be claiming the Virgin Mary is a floater.

Christ does work in mysterious ways. Sometimes his mom won't flush.

Vishnu is formless; you must have had diarrhea.

". . . he plans on talking to the head of the janitorial staff, Benedict."

That's Poop Benedict to the faithful. Apropos of the preceding, in one of Wodehouse's Jeeves stories, Bertie Wooster describes Sir Roderick Glossop, a psychiatrist, as "a sort of janitor to the loony bin."

Good thing it was the Virgin Mary and not Bloody Mary... if it's the later you should see a doctor about that.

I'll try and ( i.e., to) not be ad hominem, but, or ad banem, well, .....have any of you all ignorami, I mean them ignorami, ever heard of a Rorschach test? When you stare into a face, an abyss, or a Universe, or, a toilet, it seems, Heilige Scheissblick, what you see lookin' back at ya is....

Wow, she really doesn't have a single original thought in that cute little head of hers does she?

Geez, I haven't seen that many people praying at a toilet since nickle beer night at the local university.

I wonder how much cash this will reel in for the creation museum...

Not suspicious in the least..

OK so Poe's law has been made officially retroactive! (That was at least from last year.)

I utmost forgot:


d) the Liberal Stress.

a)Stutin, Rasstutin,....

b)Horsia, Johnia, Georgia, whoever ya are ya...

c)the Stied Stiper, I mean the Emstress, the.... ...the one who has had sex with a horse, Stalin?:

e) Putin?

g)I'm so pustid.

Quick transition back to complete incoherence after a comment structured well enough to be funny

back to complete incoherence?

Wait 'til you see me tonight. Wait. Who am I? What I am doing here?

Well, que Sarah, Sarah, or... has it already happened? I mean utready happened.


When are we anyway?

c)the Stied Stiper?

c)the Stied Stister...

I am stustider than phit... I mean pustider than phit,

It's like a game of Ping Pong, only its just you and you are way off topic, and incoherent.

Sorry. I think good ol' Cody Judy would have made a better running mate, Ass, to Clever Hans, John, Toilet, whatev... the straight talkin' horse, McTestes, I mean.

And I think I could have been, well, equally coherent. If I do(n't) say so myself.

That was damn funny! Thanks Norm.

Is there anyone here that is willing to argue this contributes something substantial?

Referring to the comments by philosopher's tone as 1.22474, of course.

Referring to the comments by philosopher's tone as 1.22474, of course.

Oh No, has never contributed anything other then a chuckle.

He is like 1GM's pet.

Naw, he's more like our mascot, our favorite square ... root for the home team.

Maybe a little more like 1gm's Boomhauer. chuckly

OK, so I just googled 1.22474...1gm comes up, then you should see what else. Curious

Seriously; I can't even tell if this is a joke. How long before we see Jesus or Vishnu in our anal polyp xrays? And why Jesus. Why not....say, Bob Barker?

I saw Jesus in the toilet. Jesus is load!

King o' the Hill, hmmmm Boomerhau--? "apparently highly intelligent".


Philosopher's, Sorcerer's Tone, for the thick American market (id est Harry Potter) refers not to philosophy, nor to erosophy, it alludes 2 alchemy (utchemy, gammachemy, everything in between).

"Scruggs style banjo"


Only mandolin: that dang three digit, middle finger, hemiola,... Habanera (like in Carmen), yeah, that's the ticket...

"I just googled 1.22474"... "a Radius of circular membrane - [Cprime j ] An unsymmetrical 4×4 matrix, defined by Eq. (6) - [CPrime j ] An unsymmetrical 6×6 matrix, defined by Eq. (8) - E Young's modulus - F i Algebraic or transcendental functions - L Differential operator - R Closed interval - T Dimensionless radius stress for the circular membrane - [Yprime j ] The transpose of the row matrix [y j –1,yprime j –1,y j ,yprime j ] - [YPrime j ] The transpose of the row matrix [y j –1,yprime j –1,yPrime j–1 ,y j ,yprime j ,yPrime j ] - epsiv Residual - ngr Poisson's ratio "


To me it was just the "blue" note, like in "the blues", Muddying the Waters, only it's real yellow under the tonic, like's like, like it's... the geometric mean of the chord, triad, as opposed to the arithmetic(major), or harmonic (minor) mode, mood,... chord- whatchmacallit, mean, the geometric middle, like as in perspective, visually speaking.

I guess I'll have to check out King o' the Hill so... I'll get back with ya! I'm no scientist, other than the "science" of piano tuning. A pedestrian, tedious..."job for those who are of job age".


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