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Dave Letterman - Palin Debate Recap

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Late Show w/David Letterman




Looks like David's set his mind on mercilessly bashing Mccain/Palin until election day. God bless him !

I don't think I've ever seen DL so harsh.

I shall henceforth refer to Sarah Palin as "Miss Alaska".

Furthermore: I propose that, should she win the election, we force her to wear a sash at all times.

Get help.

That was really cruel, meanspirited, and unfunny. Just the kind of thing that will cause people to root for Palin. I can't stand the fucking woman and I was rooting for her a little by the end of that weak-assed, pissy little clip. Letterman should take comedy lessons from Jon Stewart, and in the meantime he should get busy sucking my cock - the reasoning being he would be a far less effective stealth recruiter for the McCain/Palin ticket if his mouth was full of cock.

surprising . . she did seem more honest in "the hi-def." I take back what I said, I guess she did a pretty noble job.

Wow - brutal! I guess he's pretty sure he has an audience of Obama supporters....or does now....

Palin supports the Cheney view of the Office of the Vice Presidency...a view that directly goes against the Constitution of the United States. The role is clearly defined and has no flexibility. The Executive Branch cannot exert powers over the Legislative Branch. This ensures checks and balances. Any one who takes the Oath of Office swears to "defend the constitution." Dave is a patriot... demonstrated beautifully in his post 911 programs. I wonder if Dave's response to a Palin vice presidency is because he recognizes a threat to very foundations of our government and therefore to the United States itself.

Letterman is funny and on target.

But Governor Palin did very well for herself.

Joe Biden merely did well for Obama.

I have not yet heard anyone from any side express any concern about the most dangerous possibility if Governor Palin is elected to national office.

I liked the interview with Brian Williams the best. He was trying to remain unbiased, although a bit sarcastically. He posed this scary hypothetical: It's Sept. 11, 2001 and the President is in Air Force One. They won't let him land because they aren't yet sure the nature of the attack. The President is out of touch and Sarah Palin has to call the shots. Imagine that scenario and then make a judgement about the kind of leader John McCain is if he would leave us in Palin's hands.

This stuff is "misunderestimated" all over again. In fact it's worse because with Dave he's not just calling someone a lightweight he's calling her a bimbo.

It's fine to demand more serious political figures. But Michael Moore was right when he said that ridiculing and deriding, e.g. the fact that Sarah Palin transferred colleges a few times, or that she aspired to win a beauty pageant, only makes people like that rush to her defense. It's really not that different from the way Bill Clinton calling Obama a narrow racial candidate only drove even more black voters away from Hillary. By the same token, I'm betting that making fun of community organizers did not win Palin many friends she didn't already have. Dave's over-the-top tirades actually reinforce I think the idea that she's really just an ordinary person and that that's really a great quality for a VP to have.

"I don't think I've ever seen DL so harsh."

It's because he's skewering something he thinks he knows about--Palin's personality. It's like reading 80% of the stuff on the Huffington Post--liberals walking right into the only battleground the right wing can win on--personality-centered cultural politics.

Maverick: One that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group. How exactly do you get a team of mavericks when a maverick is, by definition, someone who won't join a team? At least they're consistently stupid.

These wails of "oh, that's mean-spirited!" "Oh, that's cruel!" blow my mind...

We're talking about representatives of a party that has spent the past eight years robbing this country blind, stealing its citizens' constitutional rights, and generally running the place into the ground — and these assholes are trying to secure four more years of their reign. And people are going "OH, THAT'S MEAN!" Gimme a break.

Isn't this the perpetual complaint about the Democratic party? That they need to fight just as hard — and if necessary, just as dirty — as the Republicans?

I love David Letterman and I think a lot of his recent commentary on John McCain has been right on. But I have to agree with Dende Blogger and others on this one--this segment (or series of segments) just seems a little misguided, low on substance and therefore impact. It has a Mad magazine, draw-a-mustache-on-the-teacher's-photo kind of mentality--and to me this kind of cut-and-paste says more about the quality of Dave's writers than the candidacy of Ms. Palin. Make no mistake, I'm no supporter of Sarah Palin, I just think this is a little overboard.

Just to be clear, I was referring more to Dave's sarcastic remarks after the bit than this clip itself, which is kind of lame but pretty harmelss. The temptation to mock that annoying voice of Palin's is unfortunately too much for some people, but doing it sounds kind of mean. Olbermann's looked like a buffoon ever since he started doing that for everybody he dislikes.

Oh boo-hoo. Maybe there are a few John Kerry purple heart band aids lying around that these poor, injured right wingers can slap on those painful Letterman inflicted wounds.



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