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Daily Show: The Candidates' Labels



Saw this last night and about spit out my milk and cookies when I saw the pic of Osama Bin Lohan

Just for kicks, here's something for 2007 on YouTube.


I was eating lunch earlier when I watched the youtube vid. NOT a good idea!

Thanks for posting it though.

Here's a great excerpt form the latest Mark Morford:

Hell, you might argue that, infuriating ditzball or not, even Sarah Palin is historic. Not because she's rumored to be an actual woman on a GOP national ticket, but because she is such an incredible icon of inanity, every bit the insufferable, pseudo-folksy con-artist she is satirized to be.

And yet here she is, closer than any woman in history to sneaking into the White House without the slightest clue as to how she got there or what to do when the door opens. In short: Sarah Palin is historic because she makes Dan Quayle look like a f--king genius.

And what about John McCain? Really, who else in American electoral history had his first presidential run destroyed by some of the nastiest, most repulsive smear tactics imaginable, and then turned around and hires the same vile, cold-blooded tacticians to try and disgrace his opponent?

The historic part? When this is all over, these Rove-trained dung-flingers will have destroyed this once-dignified war hero not once, but twice. Once from the outside by attacking his honor, and once by eating him alive from within, with his own endorsement. Historically pitiable, is what it is.

forgot the wrap-up of this quote.

Absolutely perfect - really a superb description of what McCain has done to himself.


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