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Daily Show: 10,000 McCainiacs



The best line I've heard yet on the McCainiacs:

"These are the same people who, back in 2000, were busy gossiping about McCain's black child."

These are the same assholes who elected Bush twice.

These are the same morons who have no interest in college education, despite a plethora of Pell grants and Sallie Mae loan programs.

These are the same people who are so quick to tell me that they just don't want a black President. I always respond: Well, I don't want a stupid one.

I hope these yokels keep in mind one very important fact: after FISA and the bailout, there's only one way to make me a sympathetic Obama supporter once again- hurt him.

I think these people are so stupid as to be dangerous. Legitimately dangerous, not only to Obama, but American freedom.

Anything worse that an Arab?

Sure, an atheist. Not all Arabs are terrorists, but all atheists are amoral, baby-eating, bound-for-hell good-for-nothings.


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