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Christopher Buckley



I've been visiting this site for about a year now, and I love every link and every second of video...BUT...

These Comedy Central clips never, ever play for me. I don't know what I need to do to get past the buffering phase and actually play the clip!

I wish I had an answer, but alas Viacom won't allow any reasonable alternative.

Norm, you are aware that you have a Yes on Prop 8 ad don't you? lol

I've noticed that, too. The media buyers pick the demos for the ads so apparently Prop 8 thinks it's going to convince some liberals. Probably think they have all the conservatives already...


I can play them fine but earlier I had the problem you described where it was stuck on buffering.

I watched the Colbert Report segment on the official site by clicking on the video (which linked to the site.) Not sure if Daily Show would work the same. But ya, see if they play on the official site for you.


i had the same problem until yesterday, when i replaced my 4-year old cable box... every clip plays perfectly now.. i'm kind of amazed, and happy!! rob

Buckley is just endorsing Obama 'cause he's black and Buckle is suffering from white-liberal guilt.

And Jon's choice is out: he'll be writing in Liebermann!

"bloody pustules, rather, blog postings"...a sign of...the plague?

necrotic (black) ulcers.


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