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Change Depends

A slogan that fits the oldest (major party, first term) candidate ever to run for our nation's highest office.(tip to OZ)




I believe Ralph Nader is older than McCain but point taken.

Reagan, 2nd term, was older.

Awww Shit.

McCain: Change the Subject

McCain: Change is not Remembering What You Said Yesterday.

Awww Shit.

Isn't this more the joke?

Change those damn Depends beFORE going out to the debate floor.

Just as stupid as all the obama defamation email forwards from family members.

Not my favorite type of humor either.

I think Puns and defamation are slightly different forms of political comedy, although perhaps both have some element of bad taste.

This got a mild chuckle out of me, but I have to agree it's in pretty poor taste. Age jokes were stale months ago. It might work as a light Letterman bit, but I come to OGM for topics and issues!


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