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Bill Maher on Bachmann and Palin



I have to say this, Bill Maher has always struck me as someone who isn't too bright but pretends that he is. I don't find him more substantive than Bill O'Reilly. Why does he have to be the liberal spokesperson?

Theowne, I have to agree with you. He's right on religion, and he's right on Bush. But come on, those are two of the easiest things to be right about. And have you heard what he thinks about modern medicine? He rivals the nuttiest of New Age freaks.

Kristian Z, I don't know what you're referring to, but everything I've heard from Maher about medicine has been pretty spot on -- which is that we have become a culture of drug addicts taking pills for problems we either don't have or that could be easily prevented from simply not being unhealthy and inactive. How you interpret that as "New Age nuttiness", I don't understand.

Serious diseases and emergency medication aside, my interpretation of Maher's stance is that drug companies have become no different than any other industry peddling their products and making you believe you "need" what they offer to make you feel better, when in fact you need anything but. Too many people today turn to prescription pills for anything from heartburn (examine your diet) to nonsense like restless leg syndrome (exercise more). It's a major problem, and is unfortunately tied to modern medicine whether we like it or not.

Here is where I think Maher's gist really lies...

"If children cough after exercising, they have asthma; if they have trouble reading, they are dyslexic; if they are unhappy, they are depressed; and if they alternate between unhappiness and liveliness, they have bipolar disorder." Etc, etc!

Maher is part of the anti-vaccination hysteria, and he also seems to believe that all diseases are caused by "toxins" we get from eating junk food.

He has talked about this a few times on his TV-show, and I cringe every time.

Bill Maher can be arrogant, but I find him to be much more grounded than Bill O'Reilly ever could be.

Wow. Sarah Palin didn't know what the Vice President's job was a month ago and apparently she still hasn't been told. She's a truly farcical candidate.

I actually think he's pretty sharp. I think his humor about being a lusty guy is really tired but, otherwise, I think he's pretty knowledgeable and picks up on a lot. I don't know his view on modern medicine except I think he believes in good nutrition first which I think is very sensible - but I'm not sure that's what it is....

Nothing wrong with bill. He isn't stupid.

Perhaps he is a little too quick to mock and thinks he is a tad smarter then he actually is, but the reality is he one of the few that has been able to see and tell the truth in a format that has made it in popular media.

He isn't an intellectual and occasionally tasteless, but he does the job as well if not better then anyone else.

The way we reduced misogyny and racism in this country was by having the minority stand up and look down our collective noses at the close minded bigots that pushed the oppression of others based on irrational beliefs.

We shouldn't pretend that religion and its host of fears will go down without similar conflict.

I have to agree with RedSeven about Bill Maher. Maher has a higher appraisal of his own intellect than is probably warranted, but that doesn't mean he's actually stupid. Actually, he appears pretty smart, if a tad lazy, his ego notwithstanding. Once he gets something stuck in his craw, he's tenacious and a good advocate. But his breadth of interest for a host of a political show seems rather limited and he seems to arrive late on too many issues when he should be on the vanguard.

For example, Maher's impotence in rebutting Stephen Moore's Republican tropes regarding ACORN on the Oct. 14th episode of Real Time was rather disappointing considering how manufactured and tenuous the connection between registration fraud (usually reported BY ACORN itself) and actual fraudulent voting is.

In any event, he's first and foremost an entertainer, and it is just gravy that he is usually rational in general and skeptical of sky fairies in particular. Since he's an entertainer (and a good one) and commands a platform with a decent reach, I can forgive him for tardiness and unwarranted egotism on occasion.

I just wanted to comment on Michelle Bachmann:

My girlfriend is actually working for El Tinklenberg's campaign (Bachmann's opponent). Bachmann's call for an investigation about who is and isn't pro-American is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of her radical views. For instance, she believes the religion should be taught in public schools.

She is a lunatic, and I will feel awfully sad for that district if she is re-elected.

Since she made those remarks a few days ago, Tinklenberg has raised almost $1 million.

I think what we are seeing with Tinklenberg's campaign, the increased raising of funds, is similar to what happened to the school board in Dover when they were up for reelection. They professed to be the voice of the people when they were actually just pushing their own agenda, and the voters showed them them what the people actually thought by voting them out. You are there to represent the interests of the people you serve, and if you go against the interests of the people, or just do not care what the actual interests of the people are and want to shove your view down our throats...well, we just get rid of you. Dover may have just involved a school board, but that election was pure democracy in action, and hopefully we will see more of it. Also, that same election that booted the school board (or actually all those up for reelection) also got rid of Santorum, whose legacy is now relegated to the guys whose name is associated with "the frothy mixture...."

THis morning on NPR I heard that Bachmann Blames it all on Chris Mathews and Olbermann. Saying it was a Mathews trap and Olbermann raised the million dollars over the internet himself.


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