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Bill Maher -New Rules

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that was funny, up until the cracks about the hypothetical half-brother visiting the white house with the schtick about cannibalism and heads on a stick. how fucking typical and banal. not funny. and unfunnily racist. shame. fuck you, bill.. go back to the drawing board!!!

Yeah, I had the same reaction. I agree with his point that comedians shouldn't be afraid to joke about obama, but he clearly stepped over the line and completely blew the joke.

Sometimes bills ego gets ahead of his humor.

He says liberals need to laugh at black jokes. We already laugh at black jokes. What he needs to says is "conservatives need to laugh at black jokes but not mean it".

but he clearly stepped over the line

I think he did that on purpose.

Given the initial rant, the subtext was obviously: "Be offended, I dare you." And you guys took the bait.

Not that I found it funny or think such jokes are generally acceptable; but it's par for Bill Maher's schtick.

I think he did that on purpose.

I agree

I don't get it....can't eat oreos can't eat oreos can't eat.....?

Oh, sorry, wrong thread.

Lighten up, tovarishi! The bad ol' days are about to be history. 1 mere week.

If we didn't all have cannibalism in our pasts mad cow encephalopathy would be running rampant.

Kuru? New Guinea ain't in Africa (although "old" Guinea is), you water buffalos, you.


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