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Bill Clinton Campaigns with Barack Obama

Quicktime Video 20.1 MB | Duration: 13'40
Quicktime 7 required
This file is available for download here.
Ctrl-Click and 'Download Linked File' (Mac)
or Rt-Click and 'Save Target As' (PC) the link above.



You know, I'm so glad you post everything in QuickTime format. Doesn't matter that it's a giant memory hog or that it fails to play the video half the time. The bottom line is I feel like such a creative renegade intellect by simply using Apple products that none of that stuff matters! By the way, I know this won't be posted since you refuse to let the anonymous posts actually appear anymore, so this one's for you Norm! Go Nader! Go Nader! Go Nader! [I bet Nader uses a Mac too]

Are you kidding? There's no memory hog like Flash.

I just wish Norm would make sure his files are formatted correctly for the iPhone.

Yeah, firefox has started having heart attacks with the quicktime videos here lately. You must keep your mouse over the video, or else it freezes.. anyone else?

"The chief Executer"???


safari on my mac works just fine.

shall we start a mac/pc war now?

Not only does Safari work on my Mac but so does Firefox. They also both work for me on a P.C. as well as IE.

Interesting - are the memory requirements for Quicktime why a lot of PC users don't like it? I never noticed, I guess, because the one thing I always buy extra of when I get a new computer is RAM. I'd much rather have less than the fastest processor and lots of memory.

I, for one, much prefer the Quicktime movies you post Norm - especially as compared to the imbedded stuff that often has an annoying time delay because it doesn't stream fast enough.


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