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A Mug For You

I've had a few people ask about a onegoodmove mug and so I'm soliciting your opinion.

What do you think? Would you be interested in purchasing a mug like this? What would you be willing to pay?


Is there enough interest to make it worth doing.



Damn straight! I've been a onegoodmove fan for years and I'd be all over this.

Go for it...I would pay no more than $10 to $12 (including shipping, but I'm pretty cheap). One thing-are you allowed to use that image for print on a mug? It's a famous etching by John Tenniel from the old Alice and Wonderland books...You should find out if it is copy written first (probably not, unless his family has some royalty empire for him though I doubt it, he wasn't big till much after death). In any case, its a very nice looking mug-I'd buy it.

I personally think that, the mug looks great.

Looks classy.

I am willing to pay reasonable 7~8 but probably with S&H it would come out to say $10 within U.S.

Swag - hmm. Let's think on it. I like the design!

Let me know when I can get one!

Norm, if a small batch is not prohibitively expensive, I say make it available and I'm sure there'll be interest. Or just go with T-shirts to really get the word out!

P.S. What would people be willing to pay? Well, if you make it clear the purchase is also a donation that goes to hosting this great site, I think you can be pretty flexible there. But as I've never sold mugs, I really couldn't give you a figure. :-)

I would pay 7 dollars for one.

I like it

I would definitely buy one if under $10.00


It has never come up before so I never asked, but what is the backstory on the artwork? The checkerboard pattern has always reminded me of Alice in wonderland, but other then that I haven't really given it much thought.

I have also occasionally wondered what happened to the quote generator that greeted visitors.

But on the mug. Probably interested, but I think it would be malpractice if you didn't have Links With Your Coffee on there.

The illustration is by Sir John Tenniel for Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass," 1872 I think.

Norm - please let me know when the mugs are available. So long as they are not made in China.


I'd be interested. I could pay up to $12 shipped, preferably less.

You might consider a less conventional style of mug. For example, some of the latte style or two-tone mugs at are kind of nice and can be custom made quite inexpensively in quantity.

It would look cooler if it were inverted like this!

Now that's a cool mug. I'm guessing it would be a little more expensive so I'd pay $20 or under for the "inverted" mug (including cheapest shipping option).

This reminds me of a Tomas Barbey photo montage.

FYI: you can use this site to offer swag without any upfront costs:

The margins stink, but at least there is no out-of-pocket risk.

I just broke two mugs in my kitchen yesterday! This must be the Will of God!

A lot of your fans/contributors are overseas (like me) so much would depend on international shipping costs, but I'd love one (or two).

I've never been a collector of mugs. Perhaps if this were on a portable coffee mug (of course, with a nice lid that seals well..)

I like this idea. I often drink my coffee on the way into the lab on my bike. and I am always in search of new travel mugs that fit nicely into my bike bottle holder. I have had several come and go, but a precious few have made it through the years in graduate school. I'd love to add a onegoodmove travel mug to my collection.

Sadly, if I get one more liberal website mug from cafe press, my lady is leaving me. I'll have to pass.

But oh how I wish I could. Maybe I'll get rid of my Jimmy Carter mug to make some space...

10 bucks Shipped and I'd get one, I've been coming to this site for I can't remember how many years (McCain moment).

Waouh! Could they be sent to Europe? Then with paypal, I'd buy a dozen for a hundred and so dollars WE LOVE 1GM ! Peace. Elibi

I can see the steam from the hot cocoa.

Love to know international shipping costs too!

I'd like one. $10 shipped is cool.

I'd buy one. $15 or so seems reasonable, if it allows you to make some money, too. None of the stuff I've gotten through Cafe Express has been very good quality, though, so I'd avoid them.


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