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A Heartbeat Away, You Betcha

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Real Time w/Bill Maher



It seems that sex-appeal is part of the republican strategy. It's sad the elections have degenerated to the level of beer commercials. See

After nominating this embarrassing Cartoon of a candidate, the R's should close up shop. Be reborn as the Libertarians and the New Wigs.

I think it was the third wink that made me realize that no republican has a real belief that they wouldn't betray in a heartbeat. I mean the fact that the press keep saying it was a good performance is just silly. Any Debate in which you use "also" and "there" more then three times in one long run on sentence, is a debate that you lose.

You should have posted the parts where Alec Baldwin was mocking her. Both him and Garry Shandling were hilarious in this episode.

We have little idea who this woman is. We've had to literally fight to learn what little we do know, and yet there she is, standing in our living rooms winking at us like she's known us all our lives.

She's like the new person at work who comes in and tries to insert him or her self too quickly and too forcefully into the social fold.

And the wink she associated wtih working on convincing McCain to come around to her way of thinking on ANWR was just outrageously inappropriate.

I hate her.

I was trying to post in Forum, but cannot seem to get it to work

Economists on Obama/McCain

From the economist examining the candidates

I am obsessed with the economy, i have more links coming.


All I have to say is Neil Sedaka and Bad Blood. Listen and nod your head. It should be her theme song.

recent headlines here in california say she's "hitting hard" against obama, whatever that means. suggests she has something to hit with. she has only BS to shout as loud as she can. another notable choice of words, she said she's going to "take the gloves off" - a phrase well known after rumsfeld spoke those infamous words and set the stage for systematic abuse of prisoners, a war crime that disgraced and discredited our country in the eyes of each and every civilized person here and abroad. "take the gloves off" means "hurt people." she wants to hurt america more than it has already been hurt.

She didn't blink when John McCain asked her to be VP running mate, but she did Double Wink, So I think that counts as a wash...


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