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The Sunday Funnies

And this week's winner is?

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This Week w/George Stephanopoulos



While pointing out a running mate's threats of violence against a candidate is funny, any gun toting liberal will tell you that Beretta is a manufacturer of a variety of fire-arms, including shot-guns.

Tell John tha Baretta also makes shotguns.

I vote for Sarah Palin! That Katie Couric interview was comedy gold!

Wait... that was real?

I liked Conan's for once.

Oh - and as some others may have noted, Beretta makes shotguns, Jon.

I remain leery about Joe Biden. I don't like his pro-PATRIOT ACT stance on the war on terror, nor do I like his pro-RIAA/MPAA/DMCA positions in the tech sector.

However, in the hat, talking about his guns- I like that guy. I'd have a beer with him. It's a necessary balance to Obama's "elitist", book readin' ways.

Having lived in Chicago, New York, Boston and now Florida, I would argue that the gun issue is a perfect example of where state sovereignty should rein supreme. Case in point, I am pro-gun, but I certainly don't mind if NYC wishes to disarm itself. Likewise, why would someone in NYC mind that my neighbor enjoys him some shootin?


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