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The Sunday Funnies

And this week's winner is?

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This Week w/George Stephanopoulos




Another writer's strike?

Those two old geezers in the balcony during Kimmel's clip? McCain's children.

"The Sunday Funnies had a lot to say about Sarah Palin", Stephanopoulos tells us – except that none of the jokes were at her expense. Stephanopoulos's crew did a lousy job again; no winners here. Colbert wins for his joke about Bush not showing up at the GOP convention, "...its like have a USC convention, and O.J. Simpson doesn't show up."

Sunday not very funnies. Jon wins for the duplicitous Karl Rove quotes.

Jon wins for the comparison of Fred Thompson to Fog Horn and Joe Liberman to Droopy

They always choose the lamest in order to stay "safe", I guess. I mean, one of this week's Kimmel eps had video of McCain handing a condom to Bristol's baby-daddy and a speech by "Sarah Palin" ("she looks different without the glasses") talking about her experience in foreign affairs (video of that idiot miss something-something talking about iraq and "such as").

Oh just just watch the whole thing. It's hilarious.


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