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Sarah Palin Arrested

NEW YORK—According to witnesses Sarah Palin hockey stick in hand, was waiting outside CBS headquarters when Katie Couric left the building today. There was a brief exchange of words whereupon Sarah high-sticked Katie knocking her to the pavement. Police immediately took Ms. Palin into custody.

The McCain campaign issued a statment saying that Sarah would be unavailble to the press since she would be spending the rest of the campaign in the penalty box. They assured the country that she would be ready to serve as Vice President come election day.

Demcorats objected to the penalty as excessive saying 10 minutes was more appropriate for such a minor penalty, noting that Sarah had failed to draw any blood.



I don't get it.

It's all a stupid game.

Nice! I wish it were true and she did draw blood. Couric has turned out to be a real ''turd in the punchbowl''......I guess we can call it deflection as she has been overtly scrutinized and if anybody should know how it feels it's her. Perhaps with good reason. Charles Gibson was a joke with his little round glasses on the end of his nose like some old school marm. They should all be ashamed of themselves for being so obnoxiously in the tank for O'bammy.Palin will do just fine thanks...... McCain/Palin '08


I grow tired of this Muppet Show aswell, like the man said Kermit/Miss Piggy '08

Hey Killroy6- Really? Really? This is your analysis? She should've hit her? Oh - because it was Couric's fault Palin didn't come across well. I wonder how nice Putin and Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il - or his successor- will be because she sure didn't do well with that nasty, mean ol' Katie Couric and Gibson. And, of course, she won't meet with the people investigating Troopergate (and the rest of her team and husband won't respond to subpoenas) and then there was the President of Paraguay who just said he wouldn't meet with her - even though the Bush's have 100,000 acres of ranch land there (a little exit strategy just in case they do decide to investigate all the illegal things he did in office, I guess.)

wow-I thought you were kidding at first. Poor poor Palin, has to answer such tough questions from such tough reporters.

News flash: the press is made up of wimps for the most part. Couric and Gibson were pretty nice as far as I can see. Couric did manage to ask a few more follow up questions, and nicely at that. And now that Palin knows there's such a thing as "gotcha" questions...oh please on that one (see above link/clip).

Next news flash - there are no gotcha questions for this gig.

Btw, I thought the little story above was funny, but your comment only rates as typical.


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