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Oh Say You Can See

Sarah is a caricature of a Vice Presidential candidate.

New York Times on the interview



The Couric interview is just remarkable. she can't complete a rational sentence.

I am also amazed that I am sure she believes her proximity to Russia actually is valid experience.

Is it possible the Republicans are trying to throw the election? Are they looking at the situation and thinking, "cripes, we have no idea what to do with this and if for some messed up reason we get re-elected there's a whole lot of us that are going to start looking even dumber than we already are." So in goes a senator at the end of his career and an unknown from an insignificant riding and when the Democrats take over and get the real dirt on how bad things really are the Republicans can sit back and point fingers and say, "aaah haaa, who's the idiot now?"

Caricature of a Veep? Nah, she's her own action figure doll.

Silly reporters: don't they know that they are supposed to pull the string once they ask a question? Then a nice, programmed answer just comes out, and she doesn't even blink!! I mean, c'mon, what do they expect if they're not gonna play along and pull the string?

This is really important: those action dolls they're selling are actually Little Sarah Palin clones. If you own one, it will grow and join its minions around the country and take over our culture.

Destroy these monstrosities before it's too late!!

oh god, CNN is running more clips...

going to cry.

Are you talking more clips of the interview with Couric? Here's the link that I got from Jill Bryant's web article link in TDS around the world comments.

Wow - I've graded some bad writing in the past week, and this interview was right down there - no, actually worse!! Rove better hope she can spew better BS than this in the future, 'cause her grasp of the facts and policies has NOT improved since August.

It's like she's embellishing her resume.

Palin = Worst McCain Decision Ever!

"Palin = Worst McCain Decision Ever!"

Worst McCain decision yet.

How's this for condescending: Sarah Palin is a complete fucking idiot. I can't even imagine that she was particularly effective as the village idiot and now the Republicans are trying to tell me that she is ready to be our president? She's not even ready for the model U.N. or a high school debate.

Sarah Palin makes George Bush look like Dan Quayle. I don't know what the hell that means but I'm pretty sure that it's bad.

Does anyone get the impression that your election is being thrown in the final round, like a bad mobster re-make of Rocky movie? It's a sad indictment that most western (Westminster) democracies are bi-partisan, and the pendulum will swing from the one artificial extreme to the other. I'm curious about when the debate about post-democratic systems will be discussed in a post-nation-state world... Thoughts anyone?

Caveat: I'm an Aussie, and we saw our government swing left (or opposite) from the incumbent, when we were given the chance in 2007 to finally vote sans fearful indoctrination. That is a very loaded statement, but this is what we've been living under for the past 7 odd years...

Which side trying to throw it? You mean Reps? I don't believe McCain himself would try and throw it - in fact, I think he would eat kittens in order to win - I'd say hustle his mother to the grave but he needs her to survive until after election to show he is young in comparison....

I think I'll ity across the thawing straits, pole, whatever.

"Republicans are trying to throw the election?"

Those wily Quixotes? One could have said as much of Bush, or Reagan, if you really examined him. You're playing the role of Archie De-bunker. Meathead is grilled, in a bun, every July 4th (and for the Palinites, it's always July 4th).

O Sarah, can you see that "Putin", and "Palin" are both spelled the same, but with "ut" substituted for "al" as one crosses the straits. Does that count? I don't know, I flunked Utgebra in school.

And remifasoladidagebra.

Palin' in comparison even with what she was utleged to be. This is turning out to be a Stockdale-Quayle ticket. If you add up the Perot and Bush Sr. votes, what do you get?

A major ity.

The Putin/Palin connection is something I never noted before!!!

ppm, parts per (ver) million

"The Putin/Palin connection is something I never noted"

Oh, but you have, but you, well,uh... the "Un"conscious is an odd beast, a sort of retarded, paleoanthropine, Neaderthal brother who flies under the radar (he navigates by sonar). Normut, I mean Normal, people, keep him --"Igor"'s his name , "Algore" in Limbaughese, an insane broken-necked Ἥφαιστος-- safely locked in their basements. And they don't let him have a computer. But...

Marketing, advertising, forensic, and psych-edelic Rock alchemist-types let him out sometimes, to walk/play on the dark/wild side, for fun and profit:



"she can't compete, [ir-] rational"

If "modernism" can be seen as the mining of the Unconscious on an industrial scale,with deep mechanized, drill-baby tooth-roots, perhaps Reaganomics was one of its latest, and last blooms. "Postmodernism" becomes, in Hofstadterian terms, a great recycling drive. An ironic smelting while smiling and singing "all I want for Chrithtmath ith my two front teeth".



I hope and pray to see some signs of a new postpostmodernism any day now.

pay-per-view vs.... common creatives?



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