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Obama: 'Debate is More Important Than Ever'



Sorry folks, but I think McCain's on target here. In fact, I'm suspending my own blog to fix my cratering economy.

A letter I'm sending to my credit card company:

I'm sorry, but because of the economic crisis, i will be suspending my credit card payments until i get my mortgage paid off. If you are patriotic and a maverick like me, you will accept this invitation to wait until this crisis ends before charging me for any more payments.


Let me know how that turns out. It would be comical to do just to see what response they would give you.

I was on the phone with Citibank the other day and I had to fight the urge to request a bailout package for my "toxic" credit card debt which is preventing me from stimulating the economy. But I 'm probably already listed as "smartass" on my credit report.

"If you are patriotic and a maverick like me"

A maverick's maverick .

Being as McCain's from the Cornville area just over the hill from Bagdad Arizona, and the Bagdad area's own "Arizona Militia", "Freeman" --whatever they call themselves these days-- What he's trying to say is, that he is a Sovereign Citizen. And if he catches you hang-gliding around his place, he'll hang you. Oversight be damned. A maverick's maverick is bound by no rules, not even his own.

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