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Mommy And Me

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Awesome. Palin is such a goddamn hypocrite.

Oh man, that's wrong.

But so right... :-)

The Wall Mart opening is pretty funny, but is it part of the joke that the cover on the tester is still on during the test? Lame. Are there no women staffers on Real Time to point this out to Mr. Maher?

If this kind of attack had been leveled against Hillary and her daughter, oh the outrage... but, since Palin is a Republican, it's fair game, right?

Good point JoAnn. The "family values" issue is fair play (brought to court by the GOP), but this sort of stuff is just juvenile. The sort of humor I liked back in high school.

So any attack on Palin which has to do with women's issues is fair game, but any attack on H. Clinton which has to do with women's issues is sexism?

When Hillary Clinton was in a primary race against Barack Obama, the Clintonites were upset that Obama was using the "race card", all the while ignoring the "gender card". Now that race and gender are all mixed up, the race and gender cards are being played left and right... except for the actual candidate.. Palin has never used the gender card and Obama has never used the race card.. The only people using these "cards" are the partisans of Hillary, Obama or Palin


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