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McCain Invented the Blackberry

This is the type of meme that the Republicans would beat into the ground.



We could have had the bb years earlier if McCain had been able to email his idea, but sadly he was repeatedly confused by the little paperclip.

rachel is hot

This is the type of meme that the Republicans would beat into the ground.

Oh indeed - it is such an embarrassingly fatuous thing to talk about that I hope the democrats leave alone. Were the shoe on the other foot, I'm sure we could find a classical conservative around here who'd beat it into ground for the next 49 days – all so he could avoid making an even bigger ass of himself talking about how conservatism has bettered the American standard of living.

The Canadians are angry. The Blackberry is Canadian, Canadian. The US commerce committee may control almost everything, but hopefully not quite yet Canada.

But I agree with Tim we need to ignore this and go after how McCain, the maverick, has lost his way and sold his soul to the devil (Karl Rove?) to be president.

Plus i suspect Canadians will complain, leave it to us, not the democrats.

This is ridiculous. I hate the lies that the McCain has said thus far, but I have to stay objective on this one. The spokesperson did not say he invented the Blackberry. He held up his Blackberry as a symbol of modern telecommunications that McCain allegedly helped create. Nobody in their sane mind would lie about a thing like this so boldly. Shame on you Olbermann.

Now, I'm not supporting McCain. But where in this whole segment did anyone other than KO and Maddow claim McCain invented the Blackberry?

Holtz-Eakin might not have meant the Blackberry specifically, but was using his Blackberry prop to signify telecommunications as a whole.

I don't think McCain had as large a part in telecommunications as Holtz-Eakin would like you to believe, but what KO was doing was making the whole story seem even more absurd than it was by claiming that Holtz-Eakin was only talking about the Blackberry. Holtz-Eakin did not say, "He invented this...the Blackberry".

I'm beginning to see more and more how MSNBC is becoming the alter ego of Fox News. I would just really like to get some unbiased news that presents facts and not opinions.

But that's not the world of today.


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