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McCain - Palin



I have my fingers crossed that Harry Potter is a topic at the VP debate.

I never use LOL but LOL!

Some days, like today, I have trouble sleeping. And I lay in bed, staring at the darkness of the night, and I try to remember what sort of world I live in.

And eventually I give up on sleep, and wander back on to the Interwebs, where I am promptly deluged with stuff like this.

And in the delirium of the early morning, only one thought echos through my mind:

this is all a bad dream...

when I wake up, everything will be ok...

#69. You can ring my Pai-ai-ail, ring my Pail.

"this is all a bad..." drum...

Well, Pigster, Pig star, whatever you are, this is just a Pail full, a bloody Painful, bloody Palinful Pail full, to view. How 'bout you just get out your little make-up mirror?

Kenyatta de Blanc.

Kenyatta de Blank.

How does this [and its viral iteration, youtube, etc.] fit in with your clever Neo-Lee-Atwater/Rove "Honkey" Mom strategy?

McCalin/Pain. That's the ticket. Waterboarding by forced Baptism... in liquidity of voodoo: oink-a-nomix...and match.

Ska's the limit:

Blink, but Tink don't blink, but...

"Tink’s is dedicated to serving the American hunter. Because we understand what hunters think and need, our Tink’s #69... "


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