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Lipstick Hysteria



Does anyone know how to download stock footage of bush and McCain and a shareware video editor? I think I need to make my own commercial before I break my computer.

I second this. I would like to know if there is a free/cheap video editor out there. Norm, what do you use to make your high quality, no border videos?

I use a Mac and for the most part just use the tools that come with it.

Thank you, Norm. Sane and direct. I hadn't heard that about factcheck.

I think Obama has offended all people who practice bestiality by constantly demeaning pigs with too much make-up.

This stupid show is every bit as stupid as everyone else beating this stupid non-issue to death.

Why doesn't this woman go out and do some real reporting? Everyone seems to be an analyst these days leaving no one to do the reporting. Get off your ass, get out of the studio, and find a real story to report.

Where do you get crotchless underwear for sheep?

Frederick's of Simi Valley.

An old Reagan joke. Passed on to me secondhand, of course.

I hope this issue dies a quick death. 1 day and I'm weary of it already. Arrrrrgh!

I am looking forward to the pending imPALINg of the GOP VP choice and her record. Obama can stick to his issues as far as I'm concerned. Let the newsies and his supporters do some of the dirty work.

Why doesn't this woman go out and do some real reporting? Everyone seems to be an analyst these days leaving no one to do the reporting.

She's responding to the fact that this has become a prominent issue. That it has become so is, of course, bullshit. But it helps drive home the point to show footage of McCain using the exact same phrase himself.

But, agreeing in spirit, the best remark I've seen is this:

It seems to me that if the practitioners of campaign journalism can’t figure out a way to make it so that lying is punished, rather than amplified and rewarded, by the press then they ought to pack up their bags and go do something else.


I feel that there will be a lot of people whoo after the election will sound like this enjoy.

Last night on Hardball Chris Matthews kept bemoaning this silly "Lipstick-on-a-pig-gate," but then talked about it with the entire show.

He didn't spend one minute discussing the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac bailout, Bush's anemic troop withdrawl plan, or the fact our economy continues to swirl downwards in the toilet.

You see how this game is played?

I suspect if the world were to end, the media would be too busy reporting Paris Hilton's latest panty-flashing moment instead of reporting the world is, in fact, about to end.

There is no "news," just entertainment. Like how professional wrestling's WWE doesn't call itself a sport, but instead refers to itself as "sports entertainment" (and does so with a knowing wink that the audience knows it's all fake, but you know damn well a certain portion of the dumber ones believe it all), our national news media is not news, it is "news entertainment."

All of this moronic over-analysis of a non-shit issue has me all confused. Are they saying that Sarah Palin isn't a pig or that she doesn't wear lipstick?

I'm taking it as an insult to pitbulls, myself...

I'd like to see that clip of a McCain supporter saying "How do we beat the bitch" get more air time.


"All of this over-analysis "

If anything, it has been underanalyzed. I heard the pitbullshit (Palin's lame lipstick comment) at the convention, and I heard "it" again on the RNC spot, how a clever recording engineer (any moron with a computer and digital editing software)has over-nasalized it, right before Barack's (true) quip/clip. Why does it matter, because it now sounds to those of a certain age/milieu as if Palin said "Honkey Mom" instead of "Hockey Mom".

"Honkey Mom."

Law, order, whites, police officers.


Those who would call whites "honkeys", would call police officers "pigs".

This is the equivalent of the weaponized anthrax, sophisticated, high-level stuff, by people who know exactly what they are doing. I might add, that O.J. (we all know who, Simpson) just happens to be going on trial again, reactivating all the ingrown engrams from Michael Richards to Red Rodney (the"Albino Nigger")and all the rest of the rude red race. Again, this looks like a high level, professional operation. How did O.J. get baited into this at exactly the wrong time (for Obama, get it? O.J.,... O. Bama?!)? I believe O.J., amazingly to myself, when he says he didn't know there would be guns. I believe Karl Rove, or one of the graduates of the Karl Rove school DID know, because they had arranged it. This smacks of G. Gordon Liddy, Rove's college Republican pranks, and his whole career. It is like cultural jamming from the Establishment side.

The goal is to be so unfair, so outrageous, that the otherwise unflappable Obama will pull a Billy Budd, and just lose it, go off like O.J. with that deep black voice of his.

Mark my words, it is not rational to ignore the "non-rational".

The buzz-slogan for this campaign will not be "It's the economy, stupid". Jill Bryant put her pointer finger on it, it will be:

"It's the Stupidity, stupid!"

That is the McCain game. The cleverest minde, the longest lever, leveraging the leftmost long tail of the Bell Curve.

I'm perfectly serious.

Yay! Maddow appears on OGM! I haven't seen the whole show, yet, just some clips. She seems to have the training wheels on, the conversations seem to lack kick. Still, following Olbermann and after getting the hang of things it could turn out to be a great show.

That said, I've thought that Maddow is an unusual choice for a TV show host. She is smart and has interesting things to say--in many ways she's thankfully not the loudmouth jerk that normally makes cable talk shows so insufferable. But she doesn't seem to fill up the TV screen the way Olbermann, Matthews, --gulp--O'Reilly and others do.


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