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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday






"Initially, we were intent on switching from voodoo to witch doctor economics," said House Minority Leader John Boehner, explaining the thinking of some Republicans."


When McCain croaks, then President Palin can appoint her layin'-on-hands Kenyan Pastor to the position of O.C., Oinkonomics Czar. Could be it's a done deal. 'Tis all part of GOP's, I mean GOD's (is there a difference?, we know Whose side He is on, His own: GOQ) plan.

I prefer Kathleen Parker's elitism to Brooks's. Brooks's BOBO burger-bumpkins smack too sesqui-cleverly (by 50%) of wheels within wheels, belts within belts, of... Potomac Ptolemaicism.

I do like the uprising against the elite "Liberdy" Bail ringers. Let freedom stun!

John Boehner? Nuts. John Boner. Pulls.

Pullman's comments are frickin awesome. Blatant honesty at its finest.


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