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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday




I call time out to remember one of the great lefties of them all, and an all-round mensch.

There's a luminous night scene in The Sting, from the evening before the big con is to start. I haven't seen that film in 20-odd years, but I still recall that contemplative Joplin rag playing over the characters in their reflective attitudes. Someone might want to post that scene, in tribute to this extraordinary man.

Brian - Thank you for the Paul Newman remembrance. He was a really fine man and I'm sorry he's gone. It's funny how, when in doubt about a product categoy, I'll buy a product of his because I trust his company.

I also wanted to say on the Judith Warner piece - I think Warner is really projecting here. I think Sarah thinks she is on a mission from God and nothing else matters. I don't know that for a fact but that's what I see when I see Sarah somewhere a person of her experience does not belong - like discussing foreign policy with Henry Kissinger.


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