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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday


Have you checked out the forum yet today. There's a video of Sarah Palin's church and a wide range of political discussions waiting for your contribution. It is easy to follow both the onegoodmove comments and the forum right from this page. I've added recent forum posts and comments to the sidebar right below the posts and comments for this page.



RE: Church apologises to Charles Darwin

Heh, reminds me of when Pope John Paul asked for forgivness for the Crusades early this century. Too little, too late. The damage has been done, healed, but has left a scar that will never go away. So what, 2280 is when the church will ask for forgivness for the protected pedo-priests?

I wonder if the Vatican will follow the Church of England in apologizing to Darwin and admitting they were wrong on evolution? I wonder if that will help make some people look smarter than vegetables?


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