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Once again Hitchens makes some intriguing points. I completely agree that mocking Sarah Palin for her radical religious views is a bit lame when our own candidate himself placates to the religious right. Though, few commenters here give him much slack on that front, it is odd to see Olbermann mocking Palin for her religious views or other MSM talking poodles doing the same.

No matter how anyone feels about her personal beliefs it really comes down to the fact she's a horribly inexperienced and politically motivated choice who continues to lie about her record. After Brownie, Gonzales, Myers, Goodling and so many other inept and unqualified selections we've had thrust upon us by the right do we really need another "faith-based" liar running the show?

Of course, those of us who questioned Obama's qualifications, right-leaning rhetoric and integrity from the beginning feel similarly of him - we're just sucking it up and supporting him over a much worse option. Most likely conservatives who aren't happy with Palin will vote for their own "lesser of two evils." But, hopefully the things I don't like about Obama will convince enough of the right to switch teams for an election or two.

The fundamental difference between Obama and Palin is that Obama has highly developed ethics but seems loathe to get down & dirty defending them, whereas Palin has peurile, simplistic, ethics and has no trouble at all trashing those who disagree with her.

Obama needs to start fighting. He cannot float to victory on high-minded ideals. The longer he continues to carefully choose every word in order to avoid saying anything even marginally untrue or assailable, the less his ethics mean in any practical sense.

If he doesn't unleash his fighting instincts, Obama's predatory opponents will win, without question, for the same reason the Donner party resorted to cannibalism: because survival trumps ethics every time.

Although I hold out a slim margin of hope, I'm very surprised and dismayed that he appears to be such a fool.

Hitchens is getting back to his good ol' black and white contrarianism.

Her local shout-and-holler tabernacle apparently believes that Jews can be converted to Jesus and homosexuals can be "cured." I cannot wait to see Obama and Biden explain how this isn't the case or how it's much worse than, and quite different from, Obama's own raving and ranting pastor in Chicago or Biden's lifelong allegiance to the most anti-"choice" church on the planet. The difference, if there is one, is that Palin is probably sincere whereas the Democratic team is almost certainly hypocritical.

Yes, because democrats only USE religion for political purposes, they never actually Believe that garbage. Hitchens is confused. Not every church believer believes everything their pastor says.

That being said, The reason why Palin's pastor IS more important right now is because everything we've heard about her, from her stance on abortion, charging women for rape kits, abstinence only, gay rights, global warming, creationism, and every other position, is aligned pretty well with what Her pastor says. Nobody has been able to ask her about this. So, the question still floats, right now, she has reinforced the points her church believes.

Obama answered the question about rev. Wright. He doesn't agree with the things he said. It's pretty clear by this point that obama is more of a humanist christian than a bible thumping god botherer, using religions to be community organizers (to a fault) and beleiving in a higher being.

Until palin starts answering questions, they should be asked.

Oh, and thanks for equating Bill Clinton with Sarah Palin, Hitch.

McCain leads Obama by almost 4 points. This is absolutely insane.

Palin the VPILF has turned the election into a God damned episode of American Idol. I thought I had seen the worst come and go- but oh no- this country just gets stupider by the minute.

Bring on the debates. And bring me a fiddle, and some fire-retardant clothing.

It's about to get even worse.

And bring me a fiddle, and some fire-retardant clothing.

Headed down to hell to get America's soul back? Godspeed You! Zaphod Beeblebrox.

Your point is exatly what I feel. I've never been this disappointed/confused to what is going on in the populace.

Actually, it was a Nero reference, but now I wish I had gone the Charlie Daniels route instead:

To the gates of hell, indeed!

McCain leads Obama by almost 4 points. This is absolutely insane.

Give the bump a little time to fade away. If Charlie Gibson doesn't softball everything we should see some shine coming off the apple pretty quickly.

If democrats don't schedule their convention for September in 4 years they are fools.

And that said, McCain's numbers are coming up as he wins over his own base in states like Alaska.

What really matters is the swing states.

I wonder if Charlie Gibson will confront her with this comment from September 2007?

“Despite the work of our congressional delegation, we are about $329 million short of full funding for the bridge project, and it’s clear that Congress has little interest in spending any more money on a bridge between Ketchikan and Gravina Island,” Governor Palin added. “Much of the public’s attitude toward Alaska bridges is based on inaccurate portrayals of the projects here. But we need to focus on what we can do, rather than fight over what has happened.”

Although she's been repeating over and over how she told the Congress "no" on that bridge to nowhere, it's clear that it was Congress who told Sarah Palin "no" on that bridge to nowhere.

I've brought this up before and I hate to but didn't Kerry win the debates, Bush looked like a fool we are.

When are Biden and Palin going at it? I know Rove is champing at the bit - I think Bush and Palin are his Eliza Doolittle moments (ha! the name is perfect).

The longer they wait, the more time to prepare, the closer to the election and for her to be charming next to Biden (who I've seen online is not liked for his long-windedness) and, it will be easier to hide a mike on her. Someone needs to bring a scrambler....

There was an article posted on Huffington Post writing about the possibility that polls may be over sampling republicans. In some polls republicans make up 10% more sample than democrats and McCain is only ahead by a few points.

They also mention that currently according to AP numbers, democrats have 11 million more registered voters than republicans.

I think the democrats need to do the following

  1. Continue to attack McCain as several articles have: Do you want a president that makes major decisions impulsively? like picking a vice presidential candidate after 15 minutes of meeting her and someone that is under investigation for abuse of power. Do you want a president that puts winning over the religious right above the interests of the country? Does that show the careful good judgement that a president needs.

then quote his book where he said he made decisions impulsively ( which he has said) then a few clips about at his temper. do you want a president that makes impulsive decisions?

The next thing Obama should do is announce some members of his cabinet. Some really good ones too, so that the news cycle will go back to him. Someone exciting and fun for the press to talk about.

Finally don't worry about the polls, they are still tied, but Obama has lead in electoral college, but certain states are close and need to be shored up.

cannot we get our own smart talking westerner, like that governer swietzer? Put him in the cabinet on energy and get him running about talking to folks in the west?

And finally why is no one ( democrats or the press) making it clear that for the public to make a good choice on sarah palin they need to know some of her opinions on things. It really is insulting to the electorate that we are just supposed to trust mccain on her. By the way, she might not be horrible, but we have no idea of her opinion on the most major issues with the nation.


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